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Old 09-18-2012, 04:45 PM   #1 
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classroom tank?

my mom is a 6th grade teacher and is going to have a 20 gal tank, and shes letting me stock it :) so im looking for ideas for cool fish that the kids will like. theyve always liked the xray tetras and the glofish(but we are not getting these because me and my mom dont really like the idea of chemically fluorescent fish). i kind of like the idea of putting a betta in there too(just so i can go betta shopping again) but its not really set in stone.
any ideas would be super great!
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Location: Virginia
A Betta soriety, school of neon tetras, Celestrial pearl danios, cories, or Otos. I do not suggest all together. A biotiope would work it would show the students anout the envirement.
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I would say some bettas and a school of tetras. Perhaps some shrimp, too? Simple, but I think they are both interesting and colourful varieties of fish.
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A 20 gal is a good size for a single school of tetra (or danio or rasbora) and then a shoal of smaller cories. But it all really depends on how much maintenance you and your mother are willing to put into it. Some fish like x-ray tetra and blue tetra are pretty hardy and can survive a few weeks without a water change (not saying this is good!!), but some simply cannot.
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