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I went to the petstore...

So today i went to the petstore to buy a few things and i asked the petstore lady for help, even though i didn't need it i wanted to see what she would say. This is how our conversation went-

Pet store lady- Hi can i help you with anything?
Me- Yeah i have a couple 10 gal tanks that i need filters for what do you recommend?
Lady- *she points at one* This one will work good and so will this one.
Me- Oh thanks!
Lady- Out of curiosity what kind of fish do you have?
Me- Oh i have a few bettas.
Lady- Oh bettas don't need a filter.
Me- Oh well now that i think about it no fish need a filter right?
Lady- No, a lot of fish need filters.
Me- No fish don't need filters so long as you are doing constant water changes and maintaining their water correctly wich can be a lot of work filters keep the water clean and cut back on a lot of work. Bettas for example will need 25% - 50% water changes every 3 days!
Lady- * in a very unconvinced voice* Okay whatever, your choice i guess * turns to walk away*
Me- they also need a heater because they are tropical fish, they also should be housed in my opinion no less then a 2.5 gal tank, they should only have silk or live plants so they don't tear their fins, Um and you should send a request for Omega 1 and New life spectrum pellets none of this Wardley stuff its bad for your fish.
Lady- Bettas live in puddles in the wild they don't need heaters!
Me- No this is a common mistake they do no live in puddles they live in paddies which are very large shallow bodies of water that can stretch for miles, a few are even deep.
Lady- Oh you sound like you know quite a bit about bettas.
Me- yeah i do and i can give you a slight overview of how to care properly for these bettas. *expects her to say no*
Lady- Yeah sure!
Me- Okay * i'm a little stunned at how she was ready to listen and willing to learn from someone a lot yonger then her.

So i then showed her tanks she should stear people away from and what heaters and tanks go with what we went through the decorations and i showed her what ones were dangerous for their fins and meds people should have on hand just incase, All this time she listened to me talk and didn't make one rude comment I also told her if people came and bought a tank to try make sure they got a syphon hose. After i finished she thanked me and i told her it was no problem i also mentioned for 2 dollars a piece they could go to the dollar store and buy some nice big bowls aprox 1 gal that looked really cool so the bettas didn't need to stay in the tiny cups and she said she would talk to her manager about it! and she also would pass on the information to thers that worked there! I then left the store and my mom looked at me funny when i got in the vehicle with only a syphon hose and a little AQ salt as had been gone for about an hour lol. So next time someone in a pet store is giving out wrong information don't lecture them and say how stupid they are, be nice and offer to show them a few products you reccomend don't flip on them be nice and it can go a long ways.
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Agree with that entirely! Can't blame them for maybe not knowing everything about a certain fish or even a certain animal if they have never had personal experience with them. They can easily rattle of statistics and info that has been shared but not actual experience.

Plus now a days some people are just looking for a job and when you need one you will work anywhere and say anything to get the job, once you're in the position you can learn from on job experience
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