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Unhappy Ammonia Poisoning

I think our poor little girl has ammonia poisoning. Her gills look a little lifted and slightly red. Her activity level and appetite have not changed. She is in a 1/2 gallon bowl. It does not have a filter or heater. Before you yell at me for that, please understand that my 6-year-old received Wendy as a birthday present.

I bought aquarium salt and stress coat, but have a couple of questions about using them.

1) Do I do a water change and use them (how long do they need to sit in the water before I can add Wendy back to it?) or should I add them to her bowl with her in it?

2) I have always used Splendid Betta Complete Water Conditioner each time I change her water. Should I still use that along with the salt and stress coat, or do they replace the conditioner?

3) How long should I continue to use the salt and stress coat?

4) How often should I change her water while treating the ammonia poisoning?
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A 1/2 a gallon is way to small more water changes and you need a heater.
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Kenny G
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With a 1/2 gallon bowl you will need to do water changes every other day. I am not an expert on salt treatments so maybe someone else can give better advice. I personally prefer not to use salt.

In my opinion I would recommend you start using Prime. It's perfect for breaking down Ammonia and making tank water safe immediately. It's about the same as other water conditioners but you only need 1 drop per gallon so it will last forever and be cheaper in the long run.

I would however consider getting at the very least a 1 gallon tank and a heater if finances permit.

You can look into other places like Walmart and Amazon or even Craiglist to get great prices on a fish tank items. These are just my suggestions to help your daughters fish have a longer and healthier life.

Please keep us updated.
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Actually that sounds a little more like gill hyperplasia caused by the ammonia poisoning...

Here's a link explaining it.

Fortunately for you, treatment is roughly the same, but will probably take longer. While they're sick you need to do full water changes every day, with a little aq. salt and the conditioner. You shouldn't use the aq. salt for more than ten days, or you risk doing even more damage to them.

Its generally 1-2 tsp/gallon, so in your case I'd start by disolving 1/4 tsp in a bowl of the bowl's water and then pouring that in, then gradually increasing to 1/2 tsp. As for how long to wait before you put the fish back in, keep it in a little plastic baggy with the old water (submerged in the tank, you might have to use something to keep it hooked there since you don't have a lid to help), then filling up with the new water a little at a time over the course of at least an hour before putting him back in.

I do suggest at least upgrading to a 1 gallon bowl in the future, but if for some reason you absolutely CANNOT, don't feel too too bad about it, mine's had to stay in a half gallon bowl since I got him a few weeks ago while his bigger tank cycles, he's been pretty healthy with daily water changes and SeaChem's Prime as a conditioner. But you do have to keep up with the water changes in a bowl that small (like someone else said, at least every other day), the water gets pretty bad pretty fast. Its a pretty time consuming process, but with a tank 2.5 gallons or bigger, you only have to do partial water changes a few times a week ( = one very very good arguement for switching )
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Thank you for all of the tips and advice. I do plan to upgrade her to a 2.5 gallon tank with a filter and heater. Hopefully I can do that in the next few weeks. I did go and price them out yesterday.
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