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What "type" are my lights?

This may sound like an odd question because of course I know what my lights are...I'm the one that bought them. But I just don't know how they are in terms of what level of light they are providing to the plants. People and informational sites speak in terms of strong light, moderate light, low light, etc. But I don't know where my lights fit into this as neither are standard aquarium lights.

I have the same bulb in both lights. They're GE CFL's 13W (60W equivalent), 825 lumen, 6500K.

The 2gal uses a clip on desk light, its about 6" from the tank and at an angle (probably about 45 degrees). Open top, light colored substrate, the light seems to penetrate evenly. I feel as if this light is probably on the bright side.

The 10gal uses a floor lamps' attached reading light. It is directly over the tank looking down, about 9"-10" from the surface of the water. Open top tank, tannin stained water, and black sand substrate. It seems to have a lot of shaded areas, as in it seems really bright at the top but there are a lot of poorly lit spots near the bottom.

Not sure if pictures help or not, but if so, here ya go.

The pics of the 10gal are pretty representative of how it looks to the eye, however the first one of the 2gal I feel makes it look darker than reality.

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It's about medium light on your 10 gallon and it could be high light on your 2 if it were directly over top and closer to it. You'll never actually know unless you have a PAR meter though, but those are wicked expensive lol. There is more to it than just the light itself though. It also depends on how well the light is reflected into the tank too (how much light is escaping out the sides and reflected off the water?), and then it's a lot about the kelvin which you know about which is good. 6,500K is "daylight" which is what the sun is at on a midafternoon day with clear skies. Lower Kelvin won't get you the same effects, higher Kelvin can produce a higher light rating depending on those other things I mentioned earlier

On another note though, your tanks look absolutely fabulous!! I love the wild/jungly look on the 10!
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Aqua Aurora
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I've always found these two links to be helpful
cfl par readings different heights/orientation/kelvin:

par info on many lights lot of info (scroll down first post there is a graph for cfls as well):

It doesn't give an exact answer but helps guide you a bit. But as Lil' said you'd need a par meter for exact info. If you're DIY handy there are a few forum threads found via google on how to make one.. Or if you live in an area with an aquarium club you can see if the club owns a par meter and possibly joining to borrow it. Distance from top f substrate to bottom of bulb (how deep is the substrate?), and having a reflector are extra important info.
Btw haza for the Anchor 2g cookie jar! Love those tanks ^^
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Your. Tanks. Are. Enviable.
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