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Progress of my community tank over the past months

My community tank has been a constant work in progress since I set it up. Plants I started with have been moved, traded around and I've stumbled around the concept that is aquascaping. For me the hardest part has been not knowing how exactly some plants will fare in my tank.

First go around back in November or so was...less than spectacular. Only the guppies and cories that survived the sorority meltdown inhabited the tank. All plants were pretty much destroyed by the meltdown and my access to hardscape materials consisted of what Petsmart and petco had to offer. My plants were slightly limited by budget and what I could get locally. The majority of the tank was bacopa with a few large swords, some leftover anacharis and some myrio I pulled from another tank.

By January the tank had grown out some, but I wasn't happy with it but I was struggling with finances so I simply left it.

By May, I had gotten a new job, and added some new stuff, switching around the hardscape. It made me happy for a little while but not nearly long enough. Frogbit was taking over the top of the tank becoming a serious pain. I had added some pygmy chain swords and micro swords but the Frogbit was choking out all light from the tank floor. As a result many plants died or got cut back and replanted with the hope they'd return from root.

Yesterday I made a trip down to Fish Gallery to redo my tank with the hopes I'd find some good pieces of driftwood.

I picked up 5 or 6 pieces in total plus 6 containers of microswords to add to my existing 5, a bundle of Alternanthera, two bundles of hygrophila pinnatifida, two bundles of Ludwigia puerensis, and two bundles of Golden Nesea.

First, out came the old scape and I rebuilt with my new hardscape. Being that I did a water change a couple days ago, I left the water as is, so as not to removed my tannins.

Plants went in after some tinkering and a little cleaning up to get some of the debris from the dying plants out. I pulled out all Frogbit I could and turned my Aquasky on as bright as it'd go.
So far I'm happy we'll see what it looks like when it grows out and I get a Co2 system in.
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Wow! That looks terrific!! You should start a journal.
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I've had a couple, I forget to update because my life is mostly work sleep work admire fish sleep work on tanks a little play video games. Not much excitement to my life lol. I might restart journals but I forget to update tumblr half the time haha
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It's looking good
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