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Location: Charlotte, NC
The Memo/Letter Game!!

I saw this on another forum once, and it looked like a whole lot of fun. All you have to do is write a memo/letter style note to whoever you want to. Like this:

Dear CEO of Petco,

Stop perpetuating the falsehoods that a living animal can live their entire lives in a space equivalent to that of the cupboard under the stairs of the Dursley household. Bettas aren't Harry Potter, nor are they magical in any way other than their addictiveness and personality. They cannot simply wave a wand and make such living conditions work. Please forward to CEOs of other major pet store franchises ASAP!

PO'd Betta Lovers everwhere

See? Just post something you want to say to anyone in memo/letter form and remember to have fun with it.
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Location: Springfield, Va
Dear Nazeem,

Yes I have been to the cloud district, many times. You're obviously proud of the fact you've been there but my god do you have to ask me everytime we pass. I mean excuse me for being off saving the world so often that you forget and ask me again. So shut up about it already!

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Dear Suchandsuch

I was crazy crushing on you since day 1. Now today I feel dead inside because you're going out with a complete idiot, she's really really mean.
You're the coolest person I've ever met, I'd be lucky to even be friends with you.
But what happened?
We were just becoming friends when something happened and everything disappeared.
Today my face has an expression of stone.

No Longer Even Going To Try,
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