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How to hatch brine shrimp?

In the future I might raise some killifish from eggs and I wanted to feed them live brine shrimp.

What are the best ways to hatch brine shrimp?
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A liter bottle with an oxygenator pour eggs in and the fry or eggs go one level the shrimp go another level. It is a very short process. I never tried just read and youtubed it. I prefer Flightless Fruit Flies my adult fish love it. I breed guppies so mixed diet fry food.
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The way I hatch and harvest brine shrimp.....

I made my hatchery out of an old plastic half gallon peanut container-I drilled a hole in the lid for the airline hose for the airstone.

I start with 85F water-Add 3 tablespoons of kosher or pickling salt-Then I add a very small amount of BBS eggs-Stir-add the lid with the airstone and I sit it in my china cabinet-I don't use any added light or heat-I will have 80-90% hatch within 20-24 hours-depending on how fresh the BBS eggs.

A 6g bottle of BBS eggs will last me a year-this is feeding over 200-300+ fry-twice a day-I have 2 hatcheries that I keep going 24h apart.
I keep my BBS eggs in the fridge so they stay fresher
Poor hatch is usually due to old eggs.

I only feed newly hatched BBS with their yolk sac intact for best nutrition-especially important in the first month or so of Fry growth-As the BBS molt they use up all their HUFA that the fish fry need. You can also supplement the BBS with HUFA once they use their yolk sac-I use a product called "Selcon" to supplement BBS that are over 36h old.

To harvest-
I use a brine shrimp net that I have resting over an empty container to catch the water as I siphon the BBS from the hatchery. I pour that hatchery water back into the hatchery(I usually can get 2-3 feedings per hatchery). I then rinse the BBS that are in the brine shrimp net really well under running water(really important to rinse well-avoid hatchery water in fry tank)-I rinse the container and add like temp dechlorinated water for the BBS in the brine shrimp net to rest in. I then collect the BBS in the brine shrimp net with an eye dropper to target feed the fry.
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