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The importance of a thermometer

I had a tank full of bettas I was treating for ich. I turned the heater (Eheim jager) up to 30 degrees Celsius and put a towel over their tank as the medication is light sensitive.

I noticed that the tank felt quite warm to touch and that my bettas were looking very lethargic when I lifted off the towel.

Put one of my thermometers in, and the temperature was a whopping 35 degrees Celsius, or 95 degrees Fahrenheit. I turned the heater back down to 24 degrees, took the towel off and the lid and thankfully it has already dropped back down to 30 degrees. My fish are now out and about and have just had a big meal of white worms.

It just reminded me how important a thermometer is when using heaters. It was only that it seemed so much hotter than my other tanks that I thought I would check on it. Luckily everyone seems okay and I think I cooked the ich haha
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aw, poor fishies.
I think I have a case of velvet going on... ( oh whyyyyy didn't quaratine fhe stupid moss?)
much crazier than ich...
I'm too chicken to use the Potassium permanganate that i have on hand ... 1 tsp/ 600gals. which I kind of bought, just incase something like this happened.
trying a "natural cure" right now. it worked well for me for ich... so hopefully it will work well for the fish too...

It's funny how thermometers are always on the end ofthe shopping list... because they don't have a more hands on function XD
I keep forgetting to buy one for my new tank... been pulling it one from my main tank everytime I want to get the temperature tested.

What are you medicating with btw?
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