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Old 09-24-2012, 11:43 AM   #1 
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White film?

I just got my betta yesterday, and he's already sick. He's lethargic, and swimming sideways when he swims at all. His gills are sticking out, and there's filmy white stuff all around his head. I can't get a good picture because he's hiding in the corner.
He was completely fine when I got him last night. The water, which I left sitting out for 24 hours because I didn't have conditioning drops (I'm getting some tonight), was freezing for a while, even though the room is 80 degrees. I've been keeping the bowl under a lamp all day, and it's finally warmed up. He hasn't eaten anything yet.
Last week I had another betta die with the same symptoms, the night after I changed his water for the first time. I thought at first that it was ich, but he was dead less than two days after I noticed the film, and I've had fish live for over a week with untreated ich before. I cleaned out the bowl really carefully before getting the new guy, so that shouldn't be a problem. I thought in might help to change the water, but I read somewhere that it's traumatic, especially if they're already sick, and my last fish did seem fine until I changed it.
I'm really not looking forward to losing two fish in two weeks. All my other bettas have lived for years. Does anyone know what I can do?
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Update: (even though it's been less than 5 minutes) The film is spreading to his fins, which are looking a little odd. Whatever's happening is happening fast, and I'm not going to be able to buy medicine or anything for at least 5 hours. I have class. Really hoping he'll make it long enough.
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Also, the bowl smells a little strange.
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Are you using filtered water, tap, bottled, etc. ? It could possibly be something in the water. My city actually adds ammonia to the water as well as some other nasty things I'm sure :/. This is probably why water conditioner is a must, I used to use API stress coat which is good but if you can try to go for SeaChem Prime. It will neutralize ammonia, its concentrated, and it also can help get rid of chlorine and chloramine. Also it is a good idea to let water sit overnight for multiple reasons, Firstly chlorine will usually evaporate, it will adjust itself to room temp., but the most important thing I would say is if your using tap water since it is under pressure the gasses should be mostly released overnight and it will make the water safer to use. If the gases build up in the tank your fish can end up absorbing it. Also just an FYI if your room temp is around 80 and unless your water is freezing cold I doubt it is having problems adjusting. 80 degree water isn't even luke warm I would just leave the bottle in a decently warm room 76-82 and if you think its too cold try putting a towel underneath the container your using to hold the water overnight.
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Tap water. I just changed it, and put conditioner in this time. Maybe that will help. The water was freezing before, which made no sense with the room temperature. I think it's better now though.
His scales are getting weird by his gills now, and he's just lying on his side. Not good.
Thanks for your help. I hope he pulls through.
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I am so sorry your guy is not doing well. If you could get a heater fro him it would sure be nice cause Betta need their water to be 76 at the lowest with 78 or 79 being the best. Its good you got some conditioner I hope he makes it. Also maybe someone else will look at your post and be able to help you more than I can as I am unsure about what type of treatment might help him.
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