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I have two betta. One plakat and a fantail. I bought a 2G tank and the seller said it is safe to out them together if there is a hidden spot. I place them together and my fantail bit the plakat one. Now his tail is abit broken. I seperate them now. Can I know if the fish tail could recover?
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It will recover but you have to keep up on the water changes so there is no chance of infection. Yea, you really cant keep bettas together or all they will do is fight and try to destroy each other. You might want to look into individual tanks or a divided tank. There is a sticky in the Betta Emergencies section on how to treat and sticky in Betta Care on general care of bettas . Im sure others will give you more information as they come through.
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Kenny G
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Yes your betta will heal. I agree with buddhauser keeping the tank water super clean will help speed up the process.
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Firstly, seperate the two fish. After you've done that here is a checklist of some things you may need.

. Two different tanks for each betta. Minimum of 1 Gallon.
. Water Condition to neautrilize any heavy metals in the water.
.A heater
. A thermometer
. A sponge filter (optional)
. Decor and silk plants- plastic will rip the betta's fins.
. Live plants (optional.)
.Food: There are a large display of betta specific foods available.

After you have this, follow these steps to setting up both tanks:

. Put bettas into seperate containers and change the water 100% for each tank.

. Put Water Conditioner and Stress Coat in (this will help with the bite)
. Put decor and heater in tanks.
. Acclimate fish to seperate tanks.
.Check on fish an hour later, to see how they are doing.

Hope this helped!
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