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New to Forum- Towson, MD

Hi Folks,

I'm a bit lost in here and have posted a few times. Also posted a photo of my little boy Betta, who is the most beautiful little guy ever and loaded with personality. However, when I viewed others photos of Bettas, mine looks like a little street urchin. To me, he is golden.

About 7 years ago I had two Bettas, a male and a female each in their own little Petsmart Betta tanks. I was religious about testing their water, made the frequent partial and whole changes. These little ones went back and forth to Maine for two summers but unfortunately, during my last visit, the temp. went down to the 40 F. in the uninsulated cottage. Even under a light bulb I couldn't keep my wonderful little couple going. I was heart sick.

Finally bit the bullet and got another little boy Betta recently. He succumbed due to situations beyond my concern. I have learned a lot since losing him and purchased my new little guy a few months ago. I've had alot of concerns about tank size, the cycling process, testing appropriately, and making sure he is happy. I am doing everything possible from reading all the information I've learned here.

I do have to say that I physically can not handle a 10 gallon tank nor do I have the space. Recently purchased a 2.5 gallon tank with filter, live plant, decorations, a light and a heater. The heater almost boiled my fish and the filter spun him all over the place so he has been back in his Petsmart Betta tank while I continue to work with the cycling, heating, filtering process in the bigger tank. He lived in an upper corner of the 2.5 gallon as if he's afraid to swim freely when I've put him in there for a trial. After a few weeks of living in his smaller Betta bowl, I tried him again in the bigger tank yesterday. He seemed to love it, was extremely active but when the filter was on, he would hide in the corner again. So, last night I put him back into the smaller Betta tank and he was so very happy. If I could have taken movies of him, he was putting on quite a show.

As he will not eat pellets, I give him frozen blood worms, frozen brine shrimp or freeze dried blood worms on a rotating basis.

I am not sure what to ask on here but the purpose of the post is to introduce myself and Fishy. I spend alot of time in my kitchen, and he seems to dance when I'm anywhere near. We live in Maryland on the east coast of the USA.

Puffin463 and Fishy would like to introduce themselves to all of you.
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With a 2.5g you don't need a filter..I have one and just do 50% water change with a vac once a week, and 100% change every other week. I'm not sure about heaters for that size tank yet, it is still in the 80s here. You would need only a 10w heater, and best if it is adjustable. Just leave the filter out.
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Thank you, Bettanewbie60, for your thoughtful comment. I am so relieved to think that I don't need to use that filter. I have the vac and have no prob w/water changes. I feel as if I spend most of my fun fish time changing water and doing all the tests to make sure everything is right!
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Hello and welcome to the forum!
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Hello and welcome to the forum

I've got a bunch of 2.5 gallon betta tanks - Aqueon mini-bow tanks and the filters barely make any current at all. As noted, you don't need a filter with frequent water changes but it's something to think about if you want to keep a tank cycled.

I use 25w submersible heaters in all of them. The important thing about the heaters is to make sure you get one where you can adjust the temperature yourself. I tried the preset ones that are supposed to keep the water at 78(ish) but found that the water temp. was either too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer.

Some fish take a while to "love the pellet" I have yet to meet one that wouldn't eat them eventually. Try soaking them in some tank water with a bit of fresh garlic in the water 5-10 mins. before feeding them.
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Welcome to the forum and to the wonderful world of Betta keeping...

Enjoy your stay.....

Be sure and post questions in the proper section for best response....
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Hello and welcome to the forum.
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