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From marinelands web site. This what they say about plant growth
The new Accent or Hidden LED systems - which addition would be best to promote plant growth?

A year ago I purchased your 37 gallon aquarium with the standard LED lighting, and have been very pleased with the setup. Java Moss & Fern, Annubius, some Crypts and Valisneria grow fine in the tank, but slowly. I am very interested to see the new hidden LED and LED accent systems. I would like to add one of them to my tank to boost plant growth - can you tell me which would be the better option? I have read the technical specs, but don't know how to tell.
Aquarium Type: Freshwater
Aquarium Size: Mid-Size (20-60g)

asked 6 months ago by
Ontario, Canada

on Hidden LED Lighting System
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One point of clarification. If you are adding either the Hidden or Accent lighting systems to an aquarium with exisiting lighting they will do a great job of promoting growth and showcasing the live plants. The Accent line was specifically designed to help "bump" up the blue or red light in an aquarium to help with live plant growth and coloration. I say give the red Accent light a try. It really makes plants grow fast and look lush.
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answered 6 months ago by

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answer 2
We actually wouldn't recommend either of those lights for live plants. Of our current offerings you can use either the Double Bright or Reef Capable LED's for low light plants.

We also have an Aquatic Plant LED which will be in stores in the May/June timeframe. This is our offering for live plants. I will send to the charts for both lights so you can make sure that you choose the right light for your needs.
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Thanks for the tips. I'll be getting a new light strip today. I'm also working on retesting my tank before putting plants back in it.
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Originally Posted by starrlamia View Post
you want low light? you could look for a T8 fixture, it would be fine for low light plants. You can get a 6500-6700k bulb easily for it which will be proper temp for your plants.
something like this would work

or you could just get a strip light. Sometimes you can make cheap setups from home depot stuff, I would think 1 t8 flourescent bulb would be enough for you. If you wanted medium lighting you could get two t8s
I ended up getting a T8 Full Spectrum light today. I'm going to give it a few days to see how it works out. I saved a few plants in there I wanna see if it will help them out.
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