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Old 07-12-2014, 07:43 AM   #1 
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Exclamation Understanding my Betta

In my 15 gal tank, I just got some white clouds, 3 ottos with a feeder guppie and a balloon mollie four months ago. Throughout those months two fish have gotten killed by my betta(one otto and one white cloud) because the fish appeared to be sick due to lack of a clean environment which is something I can't control due to negotiations with my parents. Anyway, is it extreme for a betta to kill anything that might be very sick?

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You should have betta fish seperated from other fish and other bettas. You should only have a male and female betta together if they are breeding. You need to put you bettas in at least a 1 gallon tank/bowl. Please keep your bettas happy! They are beautiful creatures, and its not good for them to be stressed.
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Your betta just sounds like he is a tad aggressive. Many bettas can live happily with other fish(Almost never bettas), but just as many kill anything which enters their tank.
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I am going to highly disagree with the 1 gallon bowl advice. Bettas need at least 2.5 gallons. With a one gallon bowl you would need to do daily 100% water changes which can easily stress your betta out.
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Did you add the other fish after the Betta was already in the aquarium? Betta generally don't kill because the fish is sick, but will attack anything they consider to be invading their territory.

When trying to house a betta with other fish, it's always good to have a plan B incase they don't get along.
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Old 07-13-2014, 11:05 AM   #6 
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The first time I got a tankmate for Lilly, she was in a 5 1/2 tank with only one otto(it wasn't a good idea because they're suppose to be ina group of 3 minimum).
Ever since she is really hardy to other fish, well unless their sick. I guess she does such a thing that way the tank gets clean faster, to get rid of a sickness that could be contagious, or to reduce the amount of occupied space.

Since the white clouds don't have to take care of their sick brother anymore :(, they are way more active in the tank. Even though the white clouds know what lilly is capable of doing, they still feel safe and swim anywhere they want.

It is really nice having to hear from different pet owners that still are tough enough to place their fish in a bowl. My betta was in her bowl for 5 months.
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When I was planning to get the tank and the fish, I put Lilly in her bowl for 2 weeks till all the fish were in. She happens to be with a fish way more aggressive then her and she is getting along fine.
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