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Smile Saving Private Enrique

One hungry afternoon I wen't out to buy a burger near

our house when I passed by a pet store. I saw some

plastic cups and got curious what's inside. I saw this

little fishes and ask what are they , the guy from the

pet store told me they're bettas. Some of them just sits

at the bottom of the cup and by the looks of it some of

them are already dead. I felt sad about it because

those people at the pet store doesn't seem to bother.

Anways, I saw a little bit of movement in one of the

cups. I pick it up then saw this betta who seem to be

sick but still trying to swim with all his might. As if he's

trying to get my attention. I then decided to buy this

betta and buy a 2.5 gallon tank with filter so he can

swim freely. At first he just sit at the bottom of the tank

and doesn't want to eat. So I decided to do some

research about betta and find out that there's this

medicine called " malachyte green " who can cure fish bacterial

deseases (internal and extenal). I then rushed to the

pet store and good thing they have of these. I added a

few drops on my tank and so far my betta fish is on its 2

weeks now and he's happily and healthy swimming. By

the way I found out that betta are solitary fish and you

can't mix them with community tanks and so I named him

Enqirue for it's meaning is "home ruler".
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welcome to the forums!
Congratulations for saving the little fellow and giving him a big tank!
Now that he's all better, it's time to stop treating him with Malachite Green. it is a copper based medication and will be toxic to your fish if used for too long!

I'm so glad that your fish is a happy little fish now :D

Maybe you can share with us how you maintain your tank, and what's in it. That way we can share with you how to make your new friend even happier!
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Kitty Whiskers
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Glad you saved the poor Betta! Congrats Can you post a picture on here of Enrique? We'd love to see him
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