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I've found that most of my younger betta juveniles are able to take live foods such as white worms, blackworms as well frozen adult brine shrimp. I do wait until they are bigger to feed frozen bloodworms as they tend to be harder to chew and I don't want to choke anybody.

Much as people seem to hate them on here, I've found live blackworms as an excellent food for younger bettas. Grindal worms are also good for bigger fry and tend to be bigger than BBS.

Some of my fry are not even a month old, and they will still fight amongst each other. I think older juveniles that have been living separately that are not females are definitely going to show aggression towards each other.
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I called in and was going to go pick up the other two babies from petco tomorrow with two new tanks but when I called about them they said the other two were now gone. I don't know if that means dead or sold. I know either way the end result those babies are likely not going to make it regardless.

And also LittleBettaFish I was thinking about getting blackworms but I read about live worms killing fish. That sort of made me cautious about the. Frozen worms would be better hopefully since it sounds like what kills the fish is the live worms thrashing around after only partial digestion.

Also have Aquarius's old adjustable heater in the babies tank and turned it to 82, it was before at 80. Aquaman is still pissed with the big 10 gal heater taking up his five gallon tank and stuck with the lame setting of only 78 but it shouldn't be such a far drop from the original temp that it bothers him too much. His tank is normally set at 80.

I heard about your baby by the way Aokashi, I am so sorry for the lose I really thought it would make it. I hope you figured out how it happened. Last I saw it was a bit of a mystery.

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