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Old 09-27-2012, 07:42 PM   #1 
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Some sort of open sore?

So I got this girl in the mail, cambodian, maybe a week ago... yes, almost exactly a week ago, and she had soem nipped fins and some scales sticking out on the side. She is a cambodian, so it is clearly visible, and it seems to be getting redder. It was red before and she has nipped fisn, so I put her in aq salt until it healed, the fins are healing, so it WOULD be okay to put her on aq salt, but the cut is getting redder. I took her off salt, still, and it continued to redden, so I gave it one more day at a double dose. It seems to not be helping, and I have no worries about infection any more because she gets 100% changes anyway so not much can stay in the water. I am moving her to a tank with a higher Ph but I have to acclimate her over a few days. I just want to do this because maybe the less acid will help it heal? Just a though, and it cant hurt her. I have a jar floating in the tank, and I will add naturally elevated Ph, Kh, and harder water from the snail tank. Nothing new has been added to it for over a month, so I trust it.
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If her scales are sticking up she has dropsy. The AQ salt should heal it she'll be fine give it a week and see what happens
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I wouldn't honestly say that the raised scales are an indication of dropsy. Scales can be raised if the fish has sustained an injury or in some cases even when the animal has minor bloat.

I don't know if hard water will affect the healing of an injury but I've always read that adding Indian almond leaves to the water helps ward off fungus and bacterial infection as well as offering a more natural environment but if you have naturally acidic water it may drop the pH below the recommended level.

I don't know as though the aquarium salt will give noticeable effects in one day so it may be worth putting her back on it. Do you have any photographs of the affected area? That would give others a really good indication as to what needs to be done as to be honest I'm not entirely confident in what I'm saying and would hate to cause your animal more harm.
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The scales are only on the cut

Also, she seems to have white stuff coming out of it, with a green tip. I have never treated a cut betta, so is this pus? Healing tissue? No pics, camera can't see it :(
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