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I got a tail biter.....thoughts on why?

Hi Everyone

Earlier I had posted in the Emergencies section as I thought my delta tail male had fin rot. I have not moved him to a QT tank since the damage was minimal. I've been doing daily 70% water changes and have been using AQ salt every other day.

He only bites at night so I've never seen him do it. I first thought his tank was getting too cold at night so I added a Hydor 25w heater and his tank stays at a consistent 76-77 degrees. He stopped, so I thought that was it.

Well this morning I noticed he was back at it. The last time he bit was 4 days ago. How can I figure out what is causing him to bit his tail? More importantly....what should I be doing on a daily basis and for how long to prevent illness?

Some info on his home:

Size: 5 gallon

Filter: No

Heater: Yes, 76-77 degrees

Other: Gravel substrate, no decorations, a lot of silk plants for him to play/hide in. He sleeps in one of his plants.

WC Routine: Right now its been daily 70% changes. Normal routine is 2x weekly. 1 is a 50% the second is a 80% with vacuum

Food: Either Hikori Bio-Gold pellets or Aqeon Betta pellets. Occasional freeze dried bloodworms for snacks. 3-4 pellets once a day in the evening



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You don't need to use AQ salt for tail-biting, as it can be stressful and using it more than several days can harm your bettas labrynth organ.

Bettas usually tail-bite due to misplaced aggression, boredom, or they feel that their tails are weighing them down (which is sometimes the case with bettas like HMs).

A way to prevent tail biting you can do is get him a few decorations, floating plastic bottle caps (and switching them out with new ones once a week), ping pong balls, showing him a mirror for about 1-2 minutes a day....the list goes on x3 But only do the mirror idea if he has a lot of decorations to break eye contact with his reflection. Otherwise he might tail-bite more.
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