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PH dropping?

My 10g tank (which is currently housing 2 adult platy, 5 play fry (1 week old) and a nerite snail) is just finishing up the cycling process. Nitrites are gone, Ammonia is at 0.50, and Nitrates are between 0 and the next level on the API Master Kit liquid test. I just added a small banana plant and some anachris (to replace what melted) on Monday. My ph has been right at 7.4-7.6 for the last month. It did dip down to 6.8 when I added all my plants about 3 weeks ago, but came right back up after a few days. Today, I checked it and it's at 6.0, if not lower. What is causing this? I'll get some Proper PH tomorrow on my way in to work and see if that will at least get it back up to 7.0.

I'm baffled by this and so is my husband - who is a pretty scientific guy...Neither of us know what is going on.
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It's been ages since I've read anything about cycling a tank or done so myself, but I think that the pH can drop during the cycling process.

Otherwise, do you know the carbonate hardness of your water? If it has a low buffering capacity it can be prone to crashing.

Also, it's best not to try and chemically alter your pH as this can cause all sorts of fluctuations and sudden and extreme jumps in pH can be hazardous to fish health. The only product I have used to keep my water stable is Seachem Neutral regulator. However, if this proves to be a problem long-term or your water is soft, crushed coral in the filter works well.
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