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Originally Posted by Laki View Post
2.5 gallon tank for BOTH fish with a glass divider??? Tank is too small for two fish. 2.5 is fine for one.
I always see people saying this.. and i cant say I understand the logic...
1 gallon is usually the minimum size for 1 fish(ofcourse this varies with personal opinion, but the general consenses is that 1 gallon is ok).
so why cant 2 fish be in a 2.5?
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I guess they would have 1.25g each. But after keeping my fish in 1 g, then 2 g and now 2.5 I find they just get happier. Wouldn't be surprised if I got another 5g tank and gave them both a full 5 gallons that they would shine even more. Quality of life is important to everyone. You simply can't do much with a small tank, stimulation wise.
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Originally Posted by caljamsam View Post
TetraBetta Floating Mini Pellets with Color Enhancers.
That's OK, but not the best food you can feed them. Look at the ingredients. The first ingredients listed should be a protein source (fish, fish meal). Omega One and NLS (New Life Spectrum) brand pellets are favorites around here. There are other good ones. Frozen blood worms for protein and variety every few days, and frozen Daphnia as a laxative if they get bloated and start floating lopsided, also as a treat if they like it.

Originally Posted by caljamsam View Post
I have two betta. You're saying don't feed them tomorrow? All advice is appreciated and needed.
Right. Fast them for a day or two to let their digestive systems get back to normal. Some keepers fast their fish one day a week for that purpose.

Be sure not to overfeed, especially as you're bioloading your small tank with two fish. Three water changes a week is OK for now. Daily poop removal with a turkey baster is a good idea. But you should plan on getting at least another 2.5g as soon as you can. I'd also like to suggest you get a water test kit (a liquid test like API).

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Thank you.
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