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Talking New Betta.

I just bought my first betta from wal mart. I bought him flakes and bloodworms. But he seems to be a picky eater, and he isn't eating the flakes. Will he be okay to eat the bloodworms until I can buy him pellets? Also, as of now I have him in a bowl, but Im getting him a 5 gallon aquarium. How long should my tank be cycled before putting him in it? Also is a 5 gallon aquarium big enough to be a community tank? I was thinking of putting a couple of loaches in there.
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I personally wouldn't add any other fish to the tank, but that is just me. Are they freeze-dried bloodworms? If they are I'd only feed them as a treat, your betta can do without a few days of food. FD Bloodworms can cause bloat, and they don't hold much nutritional value. All my tanks so far have been fish in cycles and once I've got the tank and it's setup I put the fish in, and don't cycle. ALTHOUGH it's ok to cycle. How big is the bowl? If the bowl is less than 1.5 gallons I'd move him as soon as you've got the tank. Make sure you buy a heater as well! :D
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hold off the worms until e accepts pellets, they're more nutritionly balanced
what brand do you have? try to get him pellets in stead of flakes. if you are in a budget, hikari's the way to go...they sell smaller quantities...
they've also recently changed their formula back to a better one...
there is also omega one and New life spectrum

I highly recommend New Life Spectrum

a 5 gallon shouldn't have any more than a betta+a snail, a betta+a few shrimps or a betta by himself. that is until you get to planted tanks. but even then, aggression is a problem due to space constraints
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