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Is it fairly usual for bettas to get sick?

I was just wondering, how often do bettas get sick/diseases?

My first boy, Junior, has always been perfectly healthy (although I got paranoid and thought he had velvet when I first got him, so I treated him with some Coppersafe and aq. salt.)

Anyway, I just got two new boys and I'm currently treating one's tank with Coppersafe, after seeing what appeared to be salt- grains on his head (Ick?). And with the other one, I'm suspecting velvet. (If you have some insight/opinions to offer, please do check out their threads with pictures, located here: and here: Thank you!)

I'm wondering if a lot of fish come from the pet store with diseases (these guys came from Petsmart).

Thank you!
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It all depends on the fish you get, some have really good immune systems while others no matter how hard you try will continue to be sick over and over. This is just a opinion but I feel some have genetically weaker immune systems from all the breeding done, and many fish who would normally be picked off by the elements and predators are surviving.
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I've been keeping bettas for almost a year now so not much experience. The only times my fish have gotten sick or gotten sick and died were when other (non-betta) fish in the tank with them have died first.

So far I have not experienced any of the problems described in the disease sticky threads. If and when I do this forum has made me well prepared to fight!

Not sure if it made a difference but my fish are from Petco and 2 different breeders. Fish from both sources have died.

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