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Possible fungal infection?

Hi guys,

I'm a new betta owner, my friend moved away and left him with me so I don't know much about owning a betta. Everything was going well until about a month ago, I noticed he wasn't swimming around very much, not eating. I asked the previous owner and she said he gets down sometimes and that he's old, not to worry. But a week ago I looked closer and noticed some white spots on his underside, around the "chin" area.. I have posted a picture so you guys can see. I changed his water a couple times and have been using BettaFix...I have a feeling it's not going to do the whole job although it seems to be helping. Now instead of completely ignoring his food he actually goes up to it...but he still isn't eating it. I'm worried, help!

In this picture I used my flash on my iPhone, so the yellow part under his face area or his "chin" is what I'm talking about as being this white patches. It's the same on the other side but I couldn't get a good shot of it.
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Welcome to the forum....

From what I can looks like normal pigment and nothing to worry about, however, to be sure we need some more info....

What size tank, water temp, additives used, how much and how often are the water changes, filter, live plants, tank mates, appetite-food/feeding info, how long have you had him and did your friend get him from a store -like from walmart, petco...etc...
Also, any past health history and how long did your friend have him before she gave him to you and her care she provided if known.
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I understand that you have had this betta for good while and you have done a water change only twice? He is living in a pool of ammonia then and he won't feel better unless you do a large water change with dechlorinated/temperature matched water and do partial water changes 3-4 times a week with a full water change from time to time to avoid any ammonia build up in the water.
Small grain size white spots on fish is called ick/ich or white spot and needs treatment.
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