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I'd try to see if you know anyone willing to take the darling in. I'm personally very wary of shelters. The one closest to me has a 58% kill rate which is pretty dismal. One of the cats I own actually belonged to a friend of mine who's roommates gave it to the shelter claiming she was a stray. She was put immediately on death row and was deemed unadoptable because she was shy. I saved her demanding 'my cat back' and have had her for three years now. She's one of the sweetest cats I've ever met in my life. Honestly... unadoptable.

If you keep feeding the stray the chances are he'll stick around if he starts feeling a bit better, hopefully long enough for you to figure out what to do.

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Oh yeah I have a cat who is very shy but not feral.
I do agree spay/neuter is the only answer to solving overpopulation unfortunayely there are always going to be irresponsible people who don't give a crap.
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Not all shelters are bad, I worked at a no kill shelter and our adoption rates were alarming and we also had a very clean facility and great foster care program with very helpful volunteers. In fact we had the best system because our shelter was linked up with five others. If in 2 weeks an animal was not adopted at our shelter they moved to the next which got the animal more exposure over it's time in the shelter and got them out faster because if Coon Rapids didn't have the people who wanted that cat maybe Fridley did.

Also our shelter didn't take in fish but a guy came into our shelter once with a betta he couldn't keep because he was evicted and wasn't able to keep the fish. We were baffled because our shelter does not keep fish so one of the girls just said "Okay we will take the fish." and we ended up just keeping the betta at the shelter on the front desk where he still lives in a 10 gallon. He's the mascot.

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