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Old 10-02-2012, 09:31 PM   #1 
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are these colors his natural colors?

When I got this betta, he was nearly completely grey and sick looking. He would not eat, then would only eat a little. So he has gotten much better, and got a lot of color. He has since turned that blue grey color again over most of his body and seems to be staying that way but fins are red. Water is clean (Ammonia less than 0.25, nitrite 0, nitrate 5). He gets feed hbh beta pellets with the occasional freeze dried shrimp, or frozen blood worms. I have been feeding the pellets dry for a while but started soaking for a few minutes several days ago. His 1 gal was just expanded to 2 connected tanks (the 1 gal and a 1.8 gal). He has started making bubble nests now. I got him a ping pong ball and a small rubber hanging squishy ball tonight. He has had an overturned food jar for a while as a cave and a live plant (wisteria) that he likes to rest in. He has a heater and a power filtered tank.

I'm not sure what else I could do for him (other than a few more toys) but his colors seem off like he might not be healthy. Could it just be his natural coloration? He is capable of getting red like his fins in his body as he has before.
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it could be natural coloration. if you look at my album photos, you can see honeycomb went from pure yellow to pineappling.

Bettas can be rainbows, and he is a beautiful example!
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Try feeding a high protein based pellets. I am not familiar with the pellets you are using, but I suggest Omega One Betta Buffet, other users like the New Life Spectrum. As long as the first 3 ingredients are some kind of meat or fish, not wheat, wheat gluten, or anything like that.

What is his current water temperature? How long have you had him? Sometimes it takes them a while to get really back to normal. And if you got him from bad conditions, he might be permanently like that :/
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I have had him for maybe a month or less. Water temp is high 70's (I have a 25 watt heater in there so I can make it whatever I want easy).

@myrainbowbettafish, Thanks for the info on color. I checked out your pics. The colors do not bother me at all, but since his body had been mostly red at times earlier on (as in a couple of weeks ago), I was worried that the lack of color was indicating a problem.

I have been trying to find new life spectrum for my other fish and have had a terrible time of it. I even called the manufacture and the local distributor of it and have not found it locally. It's pretty pricey, more so with shipping but I may mail order some.

I have
atlantis (sergents) betta food which starts with fish meal, shrimp meal, soybean meal, wheat flour, fish oil, squid meal. 37% protein

hbh betta bites (bought this as their frog food was highly recomended, but I have since found they may have changed their formula to a cheaper one with all their foods).
It has fish meal, shrimp meal, soybean meal, wheat flour, corn gluten meal, fish oil, squid meal. 42% protein

Neither looks that great to me. I'm still looking (might be able to find hikari betta pellets if they are good).

I also have san francisco bay brand freeze dried mysis shrimp. These are small and easy for any of the fish to eat. They do not seem to have shells? protein is 64.5%.

I have aqua select tubifex worm cubes (the kind you squish to the side of the tank but they can be broken up too). They are 100% tubifex worms. protein is 48%.

I have sanfrancisco bay brand frozen blood worms protein 3.5% Moisture is 94.5% (mostly protein then)?

I have hikari frozen krill. It has krill and water as the only bulk ingredients. It has several other ingredients that all seem to be vitamins. I believe this is processed (no shells), chopped and formed. Its a little bigger than blood worms and a little harder for them to eat. Protein is 11% (a lot higher than the blood worms). Its moisture is 79% so less protein percentage wise?

I read several places that blood worms are not healthy and should only be a treat. I feed mostly pellets. Should I use the other foods more?

Any time someone walks by he swims to the front of the tank (even if he was laying in the plant) like he wants attention (or maybe more food). I'm not sure how to give him attention though? I have been feeding 3-4 pellets 2 times a day. I have feed boiled pea a couple of times, have fed him only once in a day a couple of times, and have skipped a day once. I have feed the other foods just a few times (only had him for a matter of weeks).
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What about seachem betta banquet? It has no fillers at all? Not sure if it is a liquid or paste or what?
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