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Five Furlongs
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I'm new to this whole Betta fish thing and I am planning on going out to buy a heater for my Betta tomorrow, except I have no idea what to look for! I have read you can get them at Walmart. Are these heaters specifically for fish? What is good to look at when getting them??

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Hello. Welcome (:

I really suggest not buying any heaters from Walmart because I bought one from there and the heater does NOTHING to heat my tank. You should probably look for an adjustable one at Petco, Petsmart or any other place that sells fish and fish supplies.
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My WalMart only sells one type of heater. It's Tetra brand and is not adjustable. It heats a few degrees above room temperature. I don't like it because depending on the temp of my house, the temperature in the tank varies.
For the same price, you can get an Elite adjustable heater off of I just got one and like it much more than the Tetra.

Also, make sure you get a thermometer to monitor the temperature in your tank.
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Walmart does carry heaters, but the brand(or one of the brands...I'm not sure if they have more then one) that they carry(Tetra Submersible), as mentioned by Nya and Whisk, is cheap and unreliable. Its a 'present' heater, its not adjustable, so it often under-heats though it also may potentially over-heat if you're working with a smaller tank.

What you will want to look for in a heater is something that is fully submersible and adjustable with a thermostat(though, as mentioned by Whisk, you'll always want to have a thermometer to monitor your temp.....the thermostats aren't always perfectly accurate, especially with different tank sizes).25 watts is a good size for 2.5-5 gallons, and you could bump it up to a 50 watt for 5-10 gallons.
Hydor, Elite, Aqueon, and the Petco Brand are all pretty good heater brands. I'd personally suggest staying away from Top Fin, I had a rather bad experience with a badly made one contaminating my tank a while back.
You'll know if a heater is made to work in an will say on the box. ;) They're pretty easy to spot.

Good luck!
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Kenny G
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+1 with DragonFish
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