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Talking Best betta pellet?

Hello! Im looking into buying some new food for my new friend(no name yet) and i was wondering which brand is best and what i should look for in a food. Right now hes on aqueon betta pellets, and ive been thinking hikari. But any input would be great thanks:)
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The consensus seems to be that New Life Spectrum and Omega One make some of the better commercial pellet foods out there. Last time I checked, the Hikari formula had slipped from quality as they changed their recipes. New Life Spectrum can be found in most Petcos, and Omega One can be found in most Petsmarts.
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There is also Atison 's betta pro which is only available through the IBC.
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NLS IMO (New life Spectrum)
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Old 10-20-2012, 01:40 AM   #5 
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As far as what to look for look for something with high protein i switched from aqueon to NLS because it has more look for less wheat products and they higher up on the list the more thats in it. Currently my aqueon is mixed with my NLS but at a quick glance because i have omega one as well omega has more protein, omega-42% NLS- 37% and on NLS whole wheat flower is third on the list of ingredients omega it is 4th followed by wheat gluten where as NLS list other ingredients like algae and garlic. NLS also has veggie and fruit extract so its like an all around diet and both are packed with vitamins. basically omega has less vegitation ingredients like spurlina and algae and omega has more fish ingredient, sounds bad but they are carnivorous fish and because of those ingredients omega has more protein. I persoanlly like NLS better because it is smaller in size but I feed both. the aqueon is good to and if im not mistaken pretty similar to the NLS. As far as Hikari im not sure I have micro pellets for my baby from them and the first 5 ingredients are fish meal, wheat flour, flaked corn, brewers dried yeast, and gluten meal 0.o and thats the small tropical blend. lots of fillers but still 42% on protein. It is up to you though what you choose for your fish. just read the labels and pick what you think is best. or if you cant decide get two seeing as the slight difference in ingredients will help with a more varied diet.
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Originally Posted by dramaqueen View Post
There is also Atison 's betta pro which is only available through the IBC.
It's also available everywhere here in UK/Europe in all chain pet stores, but that's a bit difficult for the USA members unless they're planning a vacation here soon. There's also a few sellers on eBay UK that will ship it to the States. Royal Mail International is very fast in my experience, so it's not a huge risk ordering from overseas. Maybe I should buy a industrial-sized carton of the stuff and post it to everyone on the forum when I come to the States for vacation this winter, haha.

Anyway, back on topic. Atison's Pro is great, but that's if you can find it. New Life Spectrum's Thera-A (there's loads of garlic in this one, always a good thing) or Betta Formula is hands down the best, ingredients-wise. My betta prefers Atison's Pro, but looks more healthy when he's on NLS exclusively. A bit expensive compared to Tetra and such, but well worth it.
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I highly reccomend New Life Spectrum / Omega One pellets.
Heres an article I wrote on choosing the right betta food based on the ingredients label:
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I actually have access to Atison's Betta Pro at a retail betta shop here, if anyone ever wants me to pick some up. The shop carries other good Atison's products too, like the Betta SPA with IAL extract (sooo helpful when you want an instant blackwater environment). I'd be happy to ship at cost.
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