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Question "ahhh, he hurt his head"

Those of you who know me on here know that my fish Cerulean has been doing pretty awesome in his new digs since the whole swim/b thing. Anyway I did a small water change as usual tonight, made the temp the same as tank, added conditioner, added to tank, the same as always. I came back to look about an hour later and he had a bunch of white or maybe colorless ? Spots all over the top of his head. I kind of panicked and went over everything I did and nope, it was all the same. On closer inspection I think he might have scraped or bumped a bunch of the scales off the top of his head and so while he is blue it now shows white. He was totally fine before this. Any suggestions anyone? They don't look fuzzy or anything but just white and a few spots.

. Now this may be nothing as well ,and I could be imaging things but his fins as of late look a bit different too. Nothing at all like fun rot and not so much clampedas sticky maybe? A few of them are kind of crooked and the tips stick to the next fin next to it. I don't think it is related but just thought I would add it.

He is in 2.55 g , temp 78 , 1x10% water change a week and 1x25 or more 1 a week with gravel siphon.hilkari pellets 1_2 twice a say.

As soon as I noticed I added some water with a bit more water conditioner and Epsom salts as I think he may have just hurt his head on his log maybe? But any other thoughts would be great. Thanx

Anyone with any help please ?
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I think you're doing the right thing by adding epsom salts. I find that they act as a cure-all. Has his behavior changed at all? Does he still swim around, eat, and act normal?
If you could get a picture, that'd be great. I think it'd help out whoever else sees this. :)
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