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Medications to have on hand

Obviously my girl with columnaris didn't make it. From all the research I've been doing online, my local store just doesn't carry the 'best' medication to treat this disease.

I'm looking for medications to buy early that might be difficult to find when it's an "I need it right now" emergency. Things for columnaris, etc.

I already have aquarium and epsom salt, also now have maracyn 1 and 2.

What else would be good for a 'first aid kit' for betta emergencies. At least for the big ones. Columnaris, true fungal infections, velvet, ich, etc.

When it comes to bacterial infections, I'd like to know what the 'best of the best' is, I'd rather hit it fast an hard early and knock it out rather than start with the cheap stuff my store carries and only later picking up the better medication after the fish has deteriorated.

Any tips?
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Tetracycline would be good to have on hand. I was told it was good for bacterial infections.
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I'm curious about this too. my emergency kit is lacking.
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Aquarium salt, epsom salt. QT tanks. Spare nets/cups. Eyedroppers and turkey baster. All great to have around.

If you want a medicine to have around for possible columnarious I'd suggest kanaplex or kanamyacin. It's the only thing I know of that can actually give a fish a shot against fast moving columnarious.
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