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Bulging eyes. Otherwise healthy seeming.

Hey guys, can anyone help?

I bought a betta about a week ago and thought I could keep it in my small 2 gallon tank with out a filter and my ADFs. I could not. It was way to dirty so on Sunday I bought a Betta Bow 2.5 gallons. Monday I put the fish and frogs in. They seem to be doing great. The fish is swimming a lot and eating without hesitation and the frogs are looking very comfortable with their decorations.

Now for the problem. The male betta's eyes looked a bit bulgy before I moved him over to the cleaner tank. In the cleaner tank I added half a teaspoon of salt, as recommended for all new tanks, and acclimated all of the inhabitants accordingly. It's been 24 hours and there hasn't been any improvement in my bettas eyes but there hasn't been and degression either. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the frog's food. This food is terrible and breaks apart in about 20 minutes into a thousand pieces. It also clouds the water pretty badly. I'm buying new food today which I hope will work much better and tomorrow I'm going to do a 30% water change. It's only been running for about 24 hours but after I fed the frogs the water got very cloudy. This also may have been the buddha decor I put in too but the old tank was always very cloudy because of that terrible food. At also creates a nasty smell in the tank which the new tank has picked up shortly after feeding them. With the water change tomorrow and prefilter, carbon/mechanical filter running I'm hoping the smell and the cloudiness will dissipate.

He had a split in his fin which healed in a few days, almost completely, and is otherwise looking great! I'm just concerned about his eyes. I can't really afford the ten bucks, I'm already 40+ deeper than I planned on, right now for medicine PLUS I have read in many places that medicine is a bit more dangerous. I can definitely do a short term salt bath in a betta cap. Ten minutes to 30. Any tips anyone? Thanks!

In the video, even though it's poor quality, you can kind of see the eyes when I zoom to the fish.

I've read that their mouths will bloat outward and there were other signs. In the video the fish looks completely healthy otherwise. Thanks again!

[ame=""]Betta and African Dwarf Frogs. (Poor Quality). - YouTube[/ame]

Oh, and one more question. Lighting. I don't have an extra outlet for the light. Does it need to be on? I'd prefer keeping it off because I hate all those wires. Plus, it's another ten bucks for a full spectrum light instead of this terrible incandescent that's basically orange. I'd also assume that since these four wonderful creatures live in murky water in the wild that have sufficient lighting, as in the room light which is kept on 12 hours a day, would be more than enough to keep them happy.

I would appreciate your advice but if I disagree please do not be offended. :). I love to discuss. I love to learn. I love to debate. Hehe.

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The bioload of the frogs, and your fishy, is not going to work in a small tank, I beleive you can keep frogs (ADF) with bettas but in tanks 10 gal and will need to change the water a lot because of the food breaking down, and the ammonia that builds up from the frogs.
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I thought the ammonia was more of a concern with fish because it's what they release through their gills as well as feces? I understand the frogs defecate but I don't over feed them. I am changing their food to something much better. Something that wont fall apart to a thousand pieces and cloud the water.

I also plan to do at least one 30% water change a week. I have a prefilter and will rinse out the prefilter in old tank water once a week when I do the water change to keep some bacteria in it. I will also completely replace the tank's filter once a month to keep up with the carbon. I understand there is a lot of debate with the carbon but it comes with the filter and isn't harmful. Just possibly useless. My money is on the food for the frogs. It's terrible. It clouds up the whole water, falls apart to a million pieces and smells. It does this in no time. I got a good feeling about this new food. The quality of the water probably takes a nose dive within an hour or two after introducing that terrible food. (Some type of shrimp pellets that came with the frogs, they were ordered online and given to me as a gift).

The tank has since cleaned up quite a bit since yesterday.

I would love to get a bigger tank but this is going to have to be it right now. I was considering returning the fish (not worried about the frogs, they've been living in a 2 gallon tank with no filter for almost four months with only the weekly 100% water change. They eat, mate, sing. Although they have stopped doing the singing and mating since I added the Betta. Hopefully they will start that again. It's only been a week since I had it and they've gone through a bunch of changes since then) but then I would be returning it to almost certain death and unhealthiness. If you look at the fish in those cups they're always almost sick. Fins look like crap, fin rot everywhere and many are lethargic and there's always crap floating around on the bottom. This set up may not be ideal but I don't want to return the poor thing back to that.

I appreciate your tips though and as soon as I can I will try to increase the tank size. But for now I'll have to stick to water changes and filter maintenance. Thanks!
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Is it possible that his eyes will go back to normal after sometime in the new tank? The water quality was terrible in the old tank and he has been in this tank for two days now. No improvement.

I really can't spend 20 more dollars on medicine... This little guy is awesome and beautiful. Is it possible that his eyes are bulging due to gasses and not fungi or bacteria? I greatly improved his water quality and just did a 20 percent water change which I'll probably do again on monday. Is it possible that he'll do better once the tank cycles? I do have to throw out filter once a month but the prefilter will just get rinsed in old tank water weekly or more. Thanks!
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