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Fish sad or sick?

My betta fish was doing fine in his tank. Been changing his water every Wednesday (50% using a gravel vacuum). It hasn't been a month since he has been in the tank, the first water change was 2 weeks ago. I've been using the same brand of water for the change. I have also changed the filter cartridge with the water changes.

He is now sulking? I don't exactly know, but he is not swimming anymore like he use to. He would slowly swim around the tank, and when I got close, would swim back and forth like he was happy to see me. He just floats now, just stays at the bottom and doesn't do anything. I had problems earlier with him, but he seem to have overcame those.

I didn't give up on him then as he was a happy fish and didn't give up on me, but now he doesn't seem happy, and as if he has given up. I'm afraid that he isn't just sulking or tired/stressed, but that he is really sick. Can anyone help me?

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EDIT: Just did a pH test, and it is way too high, along with hardness and alkalinity. Any help to keep it stable? was fine when I checked it just a few days ago.

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Bettas really don't 'give up', 'get depressed' or 'sulk' for hours, or anything like that. They just aren't capable of it. They are simply fit and active fish --- or not. And if not fit and very active, then they are sick or very stressed from something.

Does your fish still have those red streaks? Those are a worry. Could be ammonia exposure, could be an infection.. a picture would be good.

What's your ammonia readings, if you're testing?

Sounds to me like you might need to change your water a bit more often (my smaller tank is 3,5 gallon, not much less than yours, is massively planted and it still gets 2-3 partial changes per week..).

Perhaps it's New Tank Syndrome - your tank is trying to cycle and there's ammonia spikes, maybe. Try upping the number of partial changes per week, and test your water often (for ammonia and nitrites ) -- pH swings and other sudden chemistry changes can also cause bettas to feel off-colour, too.

Indian almond leaf can reduce pH but you'd have to keep a large container of treated water ready for changes at all times if you plan to keep doing one large change per week. Adding some driftwood and other tannin-y sources can soften water, too, and I find my pH stays pretty stable and low with those frequent partial changes, rather than one massive cleanout per week.

Whatever you do, don't start adding those pH adjustor chemicals..
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He only has a little bit of red on his ventral fins.

Right now he is floating head down, like his body is vertical with his head at the bottom. I'll do a complete water change then today. I haven't been testing ammonia as I don't have a test kit for it, but the test kit I have tests for the nitrate and nitrite which where both zero.
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Here are 2 pics of him just laying there. I did try to move him away from the plants with my net (so I could get a picture of him), and he took off swimming crazily/randomly very fast then just kinda spun around until he landed here.
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Its so best to leave the ph alone I have heard many people say the Betta will adjust to it. You dont need to change the filter as that is where the good bacteria live and you can just swipe it around in the old tank water when you go water changes to get any gunk off it.

I really cant say what might be wrong with your Betta unless it could be that your ammonia is to high and you need to do more water changes a week. Please read this for water changes great water changing advice.

Is he eating and what you feed him ?
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Well, he quit eating when he started, but he isn't moving at all anymore. I'm pretty sure he is dead now :'(
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