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You mean burying the fish under a live potted plant? I think that's charming, very reasonable and somehow just right.
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Good post, MoonShadow. Keep 'em coming!
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I just wanted to bump this up for new members!
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Thanks for bumping this, Moonshadow. This is valuable information.

Regarding Clove oil/alcohol: I've been advised by experienced keepers over on TFK (Tropical FishKeeing--our parent site) that alcohol causes painful burning in the gills. They recommended the Clove oil/water mixture be shaken vigorously and thoroughly.
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how do you pith a fish?
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[color="RoyalBlue"][/COLOR]Thinks that should be edited

I've seen many fish come back from dropsy, even though often is lethal. Columnaris is far from fatal if you know what you're doing.. I disagree with that whole heatedly.

Fish TB is usually lethal, but I've also seen fish come back from that too. That should be noted.

I also very strongly disagree that an ice bath is humane. The fish does not die immediately. They will suffer for several minutes before they succumb to the shock.

When using clove oil it is important not to immediately throw a large dose at the fish. This will cause some suffering to the fish and you will see it in their thrashing and panic. The key to using this humanely is to do it so slowly the fish doesn't notice the change in water The fish will need to be moved to a smaller container - 1 gallon would work well. A mixture of just a couple drops can be mixed into a cup or two of water and then added to the gallon - stir it in very slowly and gently. Continue making these mixtures and adding it to the tank every several minutes for a total of 3 or maybe 4 doses of the 2-3 drops. The fish may appear dead and even belly up but it's not. You will see the gill movement slow and stop completely - watch for several minutes as there could be as little as one gill movement in several minutes. The whole thing should be done slowly and can take up to an hour if you do it right. Alcohol along with clove oil is also inhumane and cause the fish to suffer needlessly because if you know what you're doing with the clove oil it is foolproof. Some people submerse in alcohol after using clove oil because they're afraid it didn't work, or they want to be absolutely sure there fish is gone before they take it out of the bath and risk having it wake up, but I've never heard of initial doses of alcohol being humane. It is very stressful and painful for a fish who is not first anesthetized. - I could give you lots of links on this but we're not supposed to link to outside info.

You can also sub clove oil for pharmaceutical grade fish anesthetics.

Sorry to pick that apart but I really feel those are things that need to be pointed out.

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