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Need Some Advice

Hi all, wasn't sure where to put this but I have a couple of questions.

I've been on here before asking about my betta's possible tail rot. I've treated him with everything I could find online. I did the full treatments for it all and so far nothing has worked. He had ich before as well and that has cleared up fine. I treated with Tetracycline for a while and it really didn't do anything more than what doing nothing has done.

He's in a 2gal tank, 82 degrees, with a filter. His fins are pretty short but even since I stopped treating him he hasn't gotten worse. I stopped treating about two months ago now. They seem to kind of grow back a little and then get worse and then grow back, etc. It's a cycle that I can't break.

But he seems fine. He's totally active, eats like a champ, flares when he gets startled (he likes to flare when we do any dusting around his tank).

He's in there by himself, with a few fake plants. Good water, aquarium salt, full change every week.

My question I guess is this: does he have to stay by himself forever? I really want to get a bigger tank (10-20 gal) and have him in there with some Betta friendly fish (like a bunch of tetras or something). But I don't know if he's contagious and I don't want them to make him sick or vice versa. I don't mind keeping him by himself but it would be nice if I could put everyone together.

Otherwise, like I said, he seems totally happy. I guess any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
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No he doesnt have to stay by himself forever, since you did a full treatment for his fin rot he's fine. My betta Mr. Giggles had fin rot and his tail never grew back fully and that happened at least 6 or 7 months ago.
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Fin rot is not contagious, it is typically a sign of bad water conditions but there are times when the rot is gone but the fins just don't seem to grow back. Does he still actually have fin rot or just no signs of new growth? He doesn't have to live by himself but have a back up plan in case he doesn't get along with tank mates.
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Thanks to you both!

I don't think he still has fin rot. He has the white edges but they haven't fallen off or changed in the last month or so. I'm going to keep my 2gal in case he doesn't like anyone else for sure.

I didn't know it wasn't contagious. Thanks again!
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