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Cycling Questions

So I have decided to upgrade my betta to a ten gallon and I want to properly cycle the tank.

-At least 30% of the water in the ten gallon is from water changes on my three gallon.
-The ten gallon is also heavily planted (with some of the plants from my three) in a gravel substrate that is from my old tank. (The gravel is about a half inch and under it is another half inch of clean sand)
-I used correct pH and Ammonia-safe treatments tabs in the ten gallon water at the start. I have also done a 20% water change and I condition the water with a tetra treatment to make my hard tap water safe and it adds the stress coat formula.
-I run the aqueon filter once a day for about half an hour in the evening and have an air stone running all the time.

I am coming up on my second week with the 10g (having to do a fish in cycle because of a water changing disaster in my three). My pH is a steady 7.0 but I have yet to see in ammonia readings in the tank. Should I continue to do 10%-20% water changes a week or wait until I begin to see the 'ammonia spike' so many cycling guides talk about.

On another note I also have several root tablets in my gravel for my amazon swords and have allowed some brown algae to build on the decor because I figure it is natural to have some in the tank. Should I remove the tablets or algae for the cycling?
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What is the reason for not running the filter 24/7? Most of the BB is going to build in the filter. When I did my fish in cycle on a 10g I started with all new & 1 Betta, it took 8 wks to complete. I tested the water daily & averaged 50%+ water changes about every 3 days when the ammo was .5 or higher. About week 6 I got nitrites & they lasted for 2 wks. The only water treatment I added was Prime to detoxify the water & I used a liquid fertilizer for my plants. I wouldn't try to adjust the Ph, it's more important for it to be stable than to try & adjust it. I would continue weekly water changes, I do 50%+ with a good vac weekly on all 3 of my tanks, 2 10g & a 46g. Not sure I answered your question(s) but hopefully it helped some.
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