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Heres a good question...

So when I go to the petstore I see all these beautiful flowing double tails with very little to no fin damage...for example my 2 boys were in perfect condition when I got fin biting, no rot et, thats why I bought them, they were stunning...a couple weeks later all of sudden theres numerous rips and rough edges around the edge of the issue I discovered very well may have involved the filter movement even though baffled...but how does a betta tail stay so nice in a cup filled with amonia at the petstore yet when you get them home it turns into a disaster within a couple of weeks of clean water and cosistant care? You take all the steps to ensure a safe env. silk-live plants/no decor/smooth edges all around them, sand do breeders keep betta tails so nice? and their fish so healthy? esp when they have numerous fish? Im so puzzled...
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Maybe you dt is a fin-nipper.It happens to long finned bettas.
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Smooth decoration low current flow weekly water changes.
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no tail biting here fabian and they have consistant ideal care and setups chocobetta...thats why I dont get it. At our petstore they are generally bred raised and shipped from over seas...then placed in tiny cups with ammonia build up...yet their health and tails remain in tact and pretty...they come home and then problems occur...yet you provide enough water changes/care/and the right evironment...just makes no sense lol.
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I wondered that too. I don't want a HM or heavy finned betta (I have enough trouble with VT's! ) I would guess the ideal chemistry overseas (IAL, warm sump filters) here there is a lot of traffic in the store, bumping into their invisible cups where there is maybe not enough water to turn and nip. I don't know. It is confusing though.
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It's possible that the damage was done at the store, but took some time before the actual infection was able to set in, so it first appeared in your home instead.

I've seen my betta literally rip his fin just from flaring and swimming like a psycho. :I They can do damage to themselves, even with only soft decor, if they swim juuust right... And of course, once you have a rip, it's easier to keep it ripping.
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I feel like it strains the fins to be wiggled and used so much after growing up in a small space. They toughen up eventually.
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good and valid points.
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Old 10-13-2012, 09:29 AM   #9 
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My petco takes great care.
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Due to the man made abnormal long delicate fins-some long fin males can't tolerate any water movement or too much use or swimming in larger tanks. Somewhat like the flag in the wind effect...Not all long fin males have these issues-a lot is related to genetics, age, overall health and nutrition.

My long fin males for example, are all kept in a 75gal soil based heavy planted tank with 2-Emperor 400's and tails/fin stay intact, but as the males hit the 3 year mark-I can start to see some tattering of the fins or in the breeding tank-the males chasing the female and flaring a lot tend to make the tips a bit frayed looking-but will be healed by the time the fry are free swimming.

Betta don't create the amount of ammonia you might think-Usually the fish food that is added-along with the Betta byproducts created-Over time-together as they break down/decomp creates CO2 and this in turn drives the pH down and the low pH changes ammonia to ammonium so that it is not harmful to the Betta-Then we bring them home and acclimate by adding small amounts of higher pH water to the holding container and that can change the ammonium back to harmful ammonia-unless we add a drop of ammonia neutralizer to the holding container.

Then as Olympia posted, some Long fin males need time to build strength and muscle mass to tolerate larger spaces and water movement. It can be stressful for them-remember, a lot of the males have never been in water volume greater than half gallon-usually less depending on the farm-to grow out and rarely will have water movement.

With that said, Betta can tolerate much higher ammonia levels and poor water quality generally...but its not recommended....Just because they can doesn't mean we most fin damage IMO/E is more related to using the fins/tails and/or water movement.
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