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Canuck Fins
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How To Set Up QT

Okay, in case my ghostly fish decides to keep swimming (still feeling sick about my little guy), I want to know. If you are setting up a separate QT tank to treat with salt, like a 1gallon, how do you heat it? Give me the ins and outs of hospital tanks in case I need to do this.
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Setting up a hospital tank is no different than a regular tank. Does your Betta have tankmates? If not I wouldn't set up a separate tank. A QT tank is typically used when you have multiple fish in a main tank & need to treat just one fish so you move it to its own tank or you get new fish that you plan on putting into the main tank but you want to make sure the new fish are healthy first. If you are going to do a QT tank there are mini heaters for a 1g that'll work.
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Canuck Fins
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My fish is in a planted tank which I don't want to salt. I'm not entirely sure what his problem is, but he's very lethargic and doesn't want to eat.
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Honestly, I have two preset heaters--I know, not optimal--that have done the job when used together. I can typically, between the heaters, the warmth in my apartment, and daily water changes, maintain a temp of 79-81 degrees.
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IMO/E-its best to QT for treatment-By QT'ing in a smaller container-it give you more control, ease of observation, water changes...etc....

Then by premixing the treatment water-this also give you more control and ensures therapeutic dosages when making partial water changes.

I use a lot of 1gal tanks and I have successfully heated them using the preset heaters-the Tetra brand 25w is what I use on my 1-5gal tanks. The water temp can vary based on room temp by 5-10 degrees and generally most Betta will tolerate those gradual temp changes. You can also have varied temps within the tank itself normally- from top to bottom, under decoration, plants...etc....and these gradual changes are tolerated by most Bettas.
With my higher watt adjustable heaters I use in my larger tanks-the temp can vary by 5 degrees more or less depending on the room temp. And even with filters and two heaters in the larger tanks-I still have varied temps at different levels in the tanks-especially under the plants

The small temporary cups some Betta are sold in work great for QT. They are small enough to float in a heated tank to maintain temp. Be sure and attach it to the side of the heated tank so it doesn't sink-as well as use a lid or cover it with plastic veggie wrap for the heat/humidity over the water for the labyrinth organ.
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