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Question About Aquarium Lights!

This may sound like a really stupid question but I'm really curious. Should I leave my aquarium lit up 24hrs a day or cut it off at night and turn it on in the morning?
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Bettas, like people, need a day and night cycle. Keeping the light on 24 hours a day will be very unnerving and may cause stress and health issues so it's advised to turn lights off at night.
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You'll also want to keep in mind that you run the possibility of "cooking" your betta if you're leaving the lights on 24/7. That happened to my roommate last year, she went away for a week, locked her bedroom door, left the lights on and her fish died. The water temperature was 32 C.
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The "cooking" will depend upon the lights.. some let off a lot of heat, while others very little.

As mentioned before, they do need a day/night schedule.. usually 10-12 hrs is what is recommended for keeping the light on. It will also help make sure algae won't go crazy in the tank - if it does then a little less light would be good.
Don't worry about natural light, or light from the room going into the tank past the 10-12 hr mark - as long as it gets dim in the tank, they will find rest.

I turn my tank lights on around 7am, and off around 7pm - but the room light is on for hours after with no issues from the fish.

The "fish room" lights are off and on throughout the day/night, as my boyfriend is sometimes up all night, etc and have had no problems with any of the fish in that room that has to do with stress, etc. Fish do adapt to routines and will sleep during the day if needed. Why sometimes having a cave is good for them to be able to go into a dark place and rest if they wish.

The only time having a light on 24hrs is when males are caring for their eggs - some breeders will keep the tank lights on, or have ambient light nearby to help him out. But that is only for a few days..
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