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Need information on care for platy

Hey everybody,

I just added a female red platy to my 10 gal unfiltered heated tank with my betta. I decided to get the platy at the store after reading some threads indicating that one platy was fine by itself, but after getting home and doing more research to see if I should set up the filter that I have (which I can't today, because surprise - I don't have a sponge and need to buy one), I keep finding conflicting information both on this site and on other sites as to whether platys need to be in groups and whether or not they need a filter. Could somebody please lay out a comprehensive list of guidelines for caring for a platy/platys? Thanks!
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The bad thing is you will only get opinions. It isn't going to be anything but that. I will say from my own experience with platys mine were more active in groups of three or four, one boy for every three gals is my ratio. The prob would be tank size because platys can grow to a good size at abt three inches being the average. Some do grow bigger though. and also the breeding! They have babies like crazy. They are the rabbits of the fish world. You should have the filter for them its better for all fish in the tank.

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I have 2 female platies and they seem to be doing really good. One of them was pregnant from the store, and gave birth to 21 babies. I have given away all but 3 of the 19 that survived. Definately add a filter. Platies get big, like friends, and poop A LOT.
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