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while the forum was down....

last night I couldnt get on here so I posted on the FB page. below is my post as well as the comments I recieved. I wanted to post on here too to see if I could get some more opinions....

ok so since the forum has been down all night I need advice....I changed sushi's tank just like I have been for the last few months (only diff is I used aquasafe rather than bettasafe) but about an hour afterwards I came in to say goodnight and he was acting VERY sluggish and his fins looked all raggedy. WTH?!? so I have him in a make-shift hospital tank with a bit of AQ salt but I feel really bad for him. he perked up a BIT once I switched him to the new water and he did eat a bit. hes not flaring at me like he usually does but he IS reacting to my finger (swimming off, but not doing his usual "dance") I have a lid on to keep my cat away from him but its cracked a bit for air (LESS than 1/2in so he cant jump) with a coffee cup on top to weight it down. Does anyone know why this happened? he was fine an hour ago....also, will I have to change his water and re-salt him daily and for how long?


Sareena Michelle Howell-- hes a CT by the way. his fins look like they got caught in someting, only he doesnt have a filter and his favorite place to hang is in the roots of his pothos plant (which is where I found him)

Sara Saint-Hogan-- It could be the water conditioner that he didn't like.

Sareena Michelle Howell-- I thought that too but I checked the label and its the same??? plus I conditioned the water hes in right now? sux too cuz he had the longest prettiest CT fins and now they look like crap wonder how long it will take them to grow back...

Sara Saint-Hogan-- hmmm... I don't know then, I do know that my betta didn't like it when I switched water conditioners, but she acted more irritated then sluggish, even though they were essentially the same. I guess they can be pretty particular when it comes to water parameters.

Connie Rodriguez-- That happen to me last week..i just took out all the water cleaned everything really good and set up the tank again..i left my betta in a small bowl with aquarium salt and conditioner..and let the water from the tank cycle for 3 days..i put him bak in and he is doing great..the thing is i think i washed my hands with soap when i fed him..i really cant remember what i did different..but my fish was breathing really fast and laying on the bottom..and would swim really fast up for air..good luck with your betta

Sareena Michelle Howell-- @Sara Saint-Hogan brats! scared the doodie out of me. I guess Ima just keep him in his hospital tank for the next few days and change his water and salt daily and hope for the best. @Connie Rodriguez yeah I guess I will prob just have try that and see how it goes. I have the pothos in there still so hopefully that will filter out anything that might have bothered him

Connie Rodriguez-- Is your tank filtered?

Kitty Mao-- Are you able to post a photo of your tank at all?

Sareena Michelle Howell-- no my tank is not filtered. its a heated 2gal with an actively growing pothos. he gets a 100% water change every monday (which OFL from the forums said was just fine)

Kitty Mao-- is there anyway the WC freaked him out, and he sent somewhere in the tank where he's not supposed to? the water change is fine. I would actually not change out 100% and perhaps do 50% half weeklies so that the plant doesnt feel too disturbed. if the pl...See More (WHOOPS I MISSED THAT)....

Sareena Michelle Howell-- its possible I suppose but I have been doing it the same way since July with no issues till tonight which is why Im so confused

Connie Rodriguez-- Yeah alot of people keep bettas without just asking because maybe you can just let it filter a couple of days..

Kitty Mao-- things happen. and seeing water comes from our kitchen and bathroom faucets, there's a chance something could have seeped in.

Sareena Michelle Howell-- I think Ima just let the tank sit for a few days while i treat him and hope the plant will take care of any issues and turn off the heater so when i reintroduce him the temp change wont shock him. unless anyone else has a better I wish the forums were up!

Kitty Mao-- Try another water outlet...and see if it will have any different effects. always let the water run a bit before filling, to flush out what ever may have accumulated in your pipe system.
if he's getting worse, don't wait a few days. and definitely, if you have IALS or oakleaves on hand, they will help a lot

Laura Stripp-- Its possible he was unhappy with something and bit his fins. Its kinda hard to tell with CT's though. Last water change I did and Baron Vin fishie fins bit off his entire ventral? fin in like 5 minutes

Kitty Mao-- lol. I havent done a water change in 2 months *guilt*

Laura Stripp-- For the 10G's sometimes I dont change it for 2 weeks but I try to do at least a 100% on the smaller uncycled ones every week

Sareena Michelle Howell-- Yeah I guess it's possible he bit them but I wonder why this time & not any other....he seems fine this morning but I think Ima keep him in the AQ salt/hosp. tank a bit longer just to be on the safe side
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as of this morning he seems totally fine (other than his poor fins). I cleaned out his tank and it is ready to go but ima keep him in the other "tank" with the salt atleast another day or so. he just looks so sad in there. I added his pothos to make him feel at home (it was rinsed as well just in case) so hopefully in a day or so he can go back to his tank. how long do u think it will take to see improvement on his fins though?
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