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10 gal tank cycling?

(Note that we don't live in the city or anything, we have an underground well, there is no chlorine in it or anything bad for fish)

I'm so happy! Upgrading from a two gallon bowl, we got my betta a 10 gallon tank. Heater, filter(it has a pretty low current, I suppose)

I have a soft fake plant in, along with some plastic(no sharp edges though) plants are at the bottom and float to the top, along with a big centerpiece they can swim through... also a Marimo Mossball. Smooth gravel.

I set it up yesterday. So, basically, for a list:

1: Heater is running at about 78-80 degrees
2: Fake plants
3: Marimo mossball
4: New, smooth gravel
5: A little bit of water from the old bowl (about 2-3 inches)
6: Light and roof (light is on right now... figured it'd help?)
7: Put in a packet of treatment that came w/ the tank. "API Stress Zyme+ Biological filtration booster" says it'd speed the development of the biological filter for a cleaner aquarium so I said why not.

How long will it take to cycle? Also, should I start putting some fish food in to get the ammonia "up and running"?
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Congrats on getting your Betta a 10g. If you want to do a fish LESS cycle you will need to add ammonia by 1) purchasing ammonia (no additives) easiest to work with & control 2) raw shrimp (put in a mesh bag for easy clean up) which can be messy & stinky 3) fish food which is also messy & is difficult to get to the level of ammonia required.
You can go fish IN which is not difficult you just need to make sure you have a liquid water test kit, test your water daily & do water changes as necessary.

Cycling can take up to 8 wks, usually less for a fish LESS dosing with ammonia.
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I think I'll just do pure Ammonia... :3 Thank you for the advice.
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