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only eats bloodworms?

My new betta Aloha ate a couple pellets the first night I got him, along with a bloodworm. I noticed that he ate the bloodworm much faster. I've now had Aloha for 2 days and he is not eating pellets or flakes, but will gobble up a bloodworm (freeze dried). Should I give him more bloodworms or will he eat the pellets or flakes in time? Or, should I be trying some other brand or something?
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Bloodworms should only be offered like once a week as a treat. And the freeze dried are full of air so soak them in a bit of his tank water before feeding. :)
He will pretend to be a picky eater but he will eat the pellets. What kind of pellets are they? Some bettas have small mouths so it seems they don't like their reg pellets and fancy slippery worms when, in fact, they simply just cannot eat the pellets.
If you notice he cannot eat the pellets because they're too big you can crush them up a bit before feeding.
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Skip a day or two of feeding then offer the pellet or flake food. Blood worms aren't substantial enough on their own for a grown betta. Blood worms are betta candy XP
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Old 10-21-2012, 08:44 AM   #4 
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I started offering smaller pellets, and he prefers those; he gobbles them right up My only question now is how much to feed him since I never used these smaller pellets with my previous fish. I've been feeding a pinch of them (like, 5-8 pellets) twice a day. They are really, really tiny; it's aquanon betta food. Is this a good amount to be feeding or should I increase or decrease?
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They are supposed to be much smaller than a bloodworm. After feeding it to your betta was his stomach kinda biggish? If it is reduce your feeding amount to maybe 4. If it isn't you are probably right where you want to be in terms of feeding him.

Hope this helped and good luck.

P.S. I love that name xD
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