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Exclamation Really crazy breeding problem? (ANSWERS NEEDED ASAP)

[Sorry if this is not betta related, but I really need your guy's help]

Well, recently my mollies bred and I thought my female might be pregnant, but then "Eh, I don't she is" well she gave birth to like 9 babies maybe 4 hours ago.... I don't have a breeders box, but I will be getting one of those net things and will be putting them once I purchase them which will be tomorrow.

The mom is laying down at the bottom of the tank, she is breathing but she looks like she isn't in very good shape her left eye is also grey? Her babies stayed near her most of the time and they were picking at her eye like trying to pull it off kinda but they stayed close to there mum, the dad was actually keeping the other male molly away and other fish away. But now he has stopped.

I want the babies to be okay, I think one is retarded though, because he acts funny and different from the siblings. What should I do? Also can I feed the babies tropical flakes? That's all I have... And what should I do about the mom?

I took my old 1/2 gallon tank, rinsed it out and put it in, I put the net in and rinsed the lid I have this pirate ship box and I put the 1/2 gallon on top of that and filled it with the tanks water and the heater is right next to it outside of the tank and the babies are in that I had to put them back in 3x because they kept swimming out, so I put the net in to keep it steady and down & I put the lid half, so there is air but so they can't get out that easy.

What do I do, this is my first time having fry & I didn't breed my mollies on purpose also my female is black & white dots (so full black, and she has white dots) and my male is completely fully orange with a big top fin..

Anyways, any tips I need answers ASAP
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fwmale sounds like she is very sickly... the fry should eat powdered flakes. try a bit and see if they will recognise it as food. the retarded fry... let him in the big tank...he should be eaten fairly quickly. quick death.
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I don't want none of them to die, I don't care if (s)he's retarded it's just he has black eyes and he has a really beautiful pattern, while the rest don't while there plain.

I put in "Tropical Flakes" and they still eat them? The 1/2 keeps falling down and they easily get out, and they swim around the big tank and surprisingly none of them get eaten. They continuously like to stay with there mum, while she lays down one of them likes to stay with there mum, the others just like to explore and the retarded one. Eh I don't think he's retarded, maybe just blind.
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babies ahhh!, breeding, mollies

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