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Unhappy white stuff floating in 'planted' bowl

okay... i have this funky white stuff floating in my fishes bowl...

Untitled by laq997, on Flickr

yesterday i had a bit of a spike in ammonia i did a 25% water change today it's back down...

i added a bit of stress coat today i noticed this like 45 minutes later....

1st.. did adding a 'strong' light have anything to do with the ammonia spike? or just part of the nitrogen cycle?

2nd.. what is that white stuff.. it's not on the bowl... those white spots are in the water... is it the stress coat?

(water added was poland sprint)
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sorry i am going to bump you post i am wondering what it is. But i think you better do 50% water changes two time a week. Especially your ammonia spike you need more water changes
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Old 10-19-2012, 09:56 AM   #3 
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I can't really tell much by the pic....We need more big is the tank, filter, filter media care, substrate, how long it has been setup, live plants, type of additives used, livestock or are you doing the fishless cycle, if so, what is the ammonia source. Do you have all the water pram numbers-ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH.
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Old 10-19-2012, 10:32 AM   #4 
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all the white stuff stopped floating... i think it had something to do with the stress coat in the water bonding to whatever it bonds to.

today it's fine... last night the ammonia level was at .05 ppm (up from .025 ppm) this morning it's fine.. i think the light being on so much is affecting it. i have full daylight florescent in the room then i added 6K 13W RIGHT over the bowl...

fish is happy, but no bubble nest this morning (i gave him a day off food yesterday and i think he's a bit annoyed as he's ALWAYS hungry. ... i'll hang with him extra today to make up for it.

he's just in a bowl no filter (if you remember he's the poor little guy that's part of a 'how well plants maintain the environment' experiment.) so he's stuck in a 1 gal bowl for 3 more weeks...

i am ordering his new home today (with luck, i'm working on the price) a nice 4 gal, with finnex lights, a power hob filter ... i ordered substrate (carib sea eco complete) and 'shrimp' top stuff (shrimp sand from AP Aqua) ... i'm also getting him a nice heater from finnex (not digital though but i think that will be okay)

i don't know if he will need a CO2 system or not i think i'll just do the ferts for now (though or do a dyi one, maybe he'll get a CO2 mini for xmas in his stocking) guys are the best.
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