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Shrinking sorority question,

Okay, so my sorority had 6 females in a 10 gallon. Heated, filtered, lots of hiding spots, everything was peachy keen. Then the omega died. We never knew why. The fish all restructured their pecking order, and life went on with 5 in the tank. This was at least 2 months ago. I felt that five was fine, since it was working out okay for them.

Last week, one of my females started showing signs of dropsy, so I put her in a hospital tank. Three days ago, another bloated up and was removed to yet another hospital tank. I'm treating them both, but honestly, I don't know if they'll make it. They look pretty bad and haven't improved over the past week even with good care.

Anyhow, this thread isn't about their illness, but about how to restock the tank if they pass away.

So far, the remaining three are getting along absolutely fine, but the tank feels a bit empty. Would you choose to:

1. Increase the number of female bettas and continue with the sorority tank

2. Leave it at 3 since it seems to be working.

3. Add some other tankmates to fill out the void (snail, shrimp, guppy, tetra? if you choose this, please give me ideas of what would work and why.)

This assumes that the remaining three and tank are stable for a full month or so with no further illness/death. I'm planning ahead.
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I say add a few dwarf cories.
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If they're doing ok I'd say leave them for now, but if you notice increased nips and aggression remove them from the tank, rearrange the decorations and add them back in with 3 more females.
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Or just 5.
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