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So Pho Phan is on his last day of aquarium salt treatment in his QT bowl today..I plan to start the weaning off process today only using half the salt I normally would. Then tomorrow 25% of it and monday probably a tiny pinch and vwalla he should be finished with it. He has some fin repair but its not complete so I will still need to do 50% water changes each day til it its, could be months :/ ...anywho...
When he came down with his fin issues he developed a dry skin looking white patch on his rear hind scales...that spot is still there and it appears there may be 2 scales that are starting to raise upon flash light inspection...Im also trying to figure out if hes flashing? There are no white specs on his fins so I would doubt external parasites unles it has to do with that white patch of dry skin looking scales? Normally he likes to great me at the the front of the bowl and will happily dance around but not quite as quickly as he was today...I cant tell for sure but he may be trying to rub on his thermomiter....Hes not darting though.
I have parasite meds but I though AQ salt helped with parasites? So could it be possible that parasites are rearing their ugly head or do you think hes just upset about the salt treatment and had enough?

Do you think its possible that he has parasites? If it turns out to be parasites will it be okay to treat him even though he just finished his AQ salt treatment of 10 days. If its recommended that I treat for parasites or I find he has them what treatment method might I use?

Also poop is a nice brown orange color.

The meds I have are AQ salt, coppersafe, parashield, maracyn 2, tetracylin and jungle fungus fizz tabs. thoughts?

Here is an old pic of him 11 days ago before I started the treatment..the white patch is still the same but theres like 2 scales that appear raised.

All water prams are fine. The only thing in the water different is the daily addition of AQ salt and im maintaining water changes efficiently :)

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hi! Just thought i would remind you AQ salt cant be used for more than 1 week at a regular dose and 2 weeks at a lower dose becasue it can damage a fish's organs.
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Sorry guys, i think im just being overly paranoid...I know water changes and stress can bring about parasites so im watching them for every single sign of anything strange. Thank you for the reminder, I only did the 10 day treatment...seemed to me theyve handled the salt well, I just think today he was ticked off and had enough as I just did a change of 50 % and starting weaning them off today with maybe 25% of the salt I normally use and hes already settled down and is behaving normally again. I do wish I could see more healing on all 3 after the treatment though :/ I know I have to be patient but I dont see any new growth on No Nen and Lo Ling still has some black tips shredding...Pho Phan made great progress with his dorsal fin healing but now there are chunks missing from his bottom tail fin...seems you can never win sometimes.
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