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Question Long Distance Voyager

So, it seems that I will be moving in a few weeks to a rather remote area. I am now facing the question of whether to aquire the betta I have been preparing for in advance or after the move. I doubt there will be good places to get bettas anywhere near me (Wal-Mart is the most likely candidate, not exactly noted for treating their bettas well, and they will be over an hour away).

If I got the betta here (from an LFS I am quite fond of), I would have to transport the fish in my car over a number of days of travel (probably 3-5 days). Mailing a fish seems to me like a bad idea since I will be driving to the town and there is nobody here who I think would be able to package the fish up safely. At any rate, it will be cold (possibly snowy) and even with heat packs I am unsure that the fish will survive the trip by mail.

So the question is, should get my fish here, from a place that has lovely, active bettas that seems to treat them reasonably well, and put it in my car for a long trip, or wait until I get to the new town (in the middle of nowhere) and try my luck with stores that may or may not treat bettas decently.

What do you all think?

(BTW, kudos to anyone who gets the thread title reference)
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Got it :) (although, I doubt your betta would be traveling near as far :D ) My Betta traveled 3 hours by car when I bought her and she did fine. I put her cup in my drink holder in my car and it fit perfectly. I don't know what the store where you are has, but I would be that they would have some sort of traveling cup that you could use if they aren't in cups. Also, if you keep it up front with you when you're driving, you have more control over how much heat it's getting and how much sunlight is shining on the cup. I think it would be far less stressful for yours to travel by car than through the mail. On the other hand, not all Wal-Mart's treat their fish badly (I worked at one that had beautifully kept fish), but it would be worth researching if you want to go that route and buy one when you get to your destination.
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look into how bettas ate package for shipping...

How much are you willing to spend on a fih? you can always get to your destination then order one online....
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