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Bloated Betta

3 Days ago i noticed that my betta looked bloated (large stomach). I fasted it for 2 days and fed it half a cooked pea and everything looked fine. Today i fed it normal topical flakes again and within an hour he looks bloated again, any ideas on what the problem is?
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First off did you ever feed him Freeze dried or frozen Brine shrimpand you are not supposed to feed flakes.
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How much do you feed? IME their bellies get a little bigger when they've eaten because they're full. One of my females really can't stop eating so I have to be extra careful with her. I drop algae wafers for the snail & CAE's & she gorges on them to the point she looks like she's going to explode so I don't drop those but every few days. Her belly always goes down. Each of my Bettas gets 1-2 pellets per feeding depends on the Betta.
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If you have constipation concerns feed him some daphnia. Daphnia acts as a natrual laxative and could help him out.

Also, flakes are fine if you pre-soak, although they do lose a decent bit of nutrients with this method. You are better off with a high quality pellet or frozen food though.
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Flakes are fine to feed and don't soak the food-not needed and your risk nutrient and water soluble vitamin leaching.

You don't want to confuse normal full tummy with bloat and fast/treat needlessly, usually with bloat you will have other symptoms along with the enlarged abdomen-like, buoyancy, lethargic, clamp fins, stops eating and pooping to name the most common.

Fill this out and add a pic..
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