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Question Beau's little Christmas Gift...


So a few days ago I got a Blue Veil-tailed Betta fish and I named him Beau, he's soo cute!

Sometimes he'll swim up against the glass and pace when he's hungry and I'll give him around two little freeze-dried worms each feeding time, and sometimes I do give him three or four worms if he continues to swim against the tank which is rare because I don't want to overfeed him :'3.

(Here's a link to the food I'm feeding him in case you have any concerns I might change his food sometime in the future when I get a bigger tank but he seems to like this just fine right now.)

Here's what I've heard from others so far:

Highly compatible animals with Betta fish are:

Dwarf Frogs (frogs are sooo icky but if I don't have to handle them I might just get a few for Beau if it'll keep him company).
Neon Tetras. (In schools mostly)
Catfish (there are certain kinds that aren't always compatible)
Loaches (I have no idea how to care for these guys O.o)
Snails (GARY!! I'd buy one and name it Gary XD)
And Ghost Shrimp.

I don't mind getting a little bit of all of these along with a ten gallon tank, a filter, plus some gravel and plants. Right now... please don't hate me... but he lives in a small small twelve ounce bowl that is on my desk. *Shot*

I KNOW IT'S SMALL. My mom says 'oh he's just a fish' NO. I want Beau to live a long time and him to be HAPPY. So I don't mind getting him a bigger tank and some tank-mates.

Can you give me some tips on what I should do when I get the bigger tank and tank-mates? This is my first time in a long time owning an aquarium so I don't really know how high-maintenance (or low-maintenance) they are.

The bowl will be GONE when I get him this tank and it will be around December when I get this stuff, but right now we're busy throughout Late October/Early November with Reunions and Dentist appointments I don't know if I can do it then. My mom is working and we're just busy...

So please, fish police, don't hate me ^^;

I have a gallon bowl (a one gallon bowl) that I can move Beau in in the meantime until December, but for November I'm booked and I don't have time to commit to animals and whatnot.

I'm fifteen... so.. yeah... sorry if I sound kinda awkward.
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He should be fine with almost all types of tetra so you dont have to stick to just neons. Dwarf frogs I have never had any luck with and I always manage to kill mine.... ( I only tried twice). I have had luck with guppies and mollies but it depends on the male. A mystery snail would fit in wonderfully I love mine and they dont over populate unlike pond snails. And my betta kill my shrimp so I stopped trying. I also had a male with ghost catfish (not true cats) and a dojo loach. Cory cats are another good choice but they have to be in schools too. I would do some research on aquarium cycling and decide if you want to do fish in or not. Most of those guys are low maintenance as long as you under stock you will be fine. Thats all got so far... others should have good imput as well.
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Congrats on Beau! I bet he's a charmer. My first betta was royal blue VT <3 grab your heart, they do.
Hm, definitely move him to the gallon thing or now. 12 ounces of water is pretty bad. 1 gallon is bare minimum.
You'll want a heater before you add anything for "friends". Bettas need tropical temps. You can get a heater for under 15$ which can safely heat 1 gallons.

I had no luck with ghost shrimp and I think they're gross (IMO). Cories are cute but you need like 4+ and a 10g wouldn't really support them all and a betta (I don't think, maybe with proper filtration) loaches get too big for a 10g. Mystery/apple snails are a popular choice:) Snails have a pretty high bioload (poop) so make sure if you get one you have a good filter and keep up with vacuum cleanings and water changes along with being able to supplement its food with something like cucumber/zucchini that your betta won't eat.
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I def suggest a fishless cycle! take it from someone who is doing a fish cycle and is overwhelmed and stressed!
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fish tank-mates

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