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Possible Fry...

So this morning after I fed the fish in my tanks I found two little eyes staring at me. So I obviously panicked, grabbed a net and took the tiny little tail with eyes out of the big tank. I placed him in a planted bowl by itself. Now, that is the only fry I have been able to find today. I went to the University and came back and I haven't found any other fry in the tank. The tank is a 20 gallon with some plants a sapphire blue ram, 2 ghost shrimp and 7 danios (2 zebra danios, 2 golden longed finned danios and 3 glofish, we have an extra golden danio that has been separated because he will not eat).

Now I don't doubt that there were more fry, which are probably either hidden in the plants decoration and gravel, have been eaten by the other inhabitants or have been sucked out by the filter. I have no idea what to do to find any if there are still alive in there....

Also, the one I did find... I have no idea what happened to it. I think I netted him good and placed it on the other nano tank, but I can't find it... I am worried I sent him to his death.... there is nothing but plants in that tank, but it isn't even that heavily planted... He is though.... just two black dots and a transparent tail and there are plenty of black dirt particles (from the substrate) on the water for me to confuse his little eyes with....

Anyone have any suggestions or advice?
Is it safe to assume that the fry was a danio?
Would there be anyway to find any more of the fry?
Did I send the little one to an inevitable death?

Thank you.
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Blue rams raise eggs danios lay tons of eggs and don't care for them.
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