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Advanced Fin Rot, Please please help!

The back story: My betta Sparky is a male veil tail. When I brought him home several months ago, I noticed some blackish edges to his fins. I was concerned that it was fin rot, but after a few weeks in warm, clean water it had mostly cleared up. He was living in a 5.5 gallon, but when my filtered, planted 10 gallon was finished cycling I moved him in there and he seemed to love it. For another few weeks everything seemed to be fine- I was doing 25% water changes every week and ammonia/nitrite levels were at 0 and nitrates were also very low. Then one day I noticed the black edging came back on his tail, and some very dramatic splits appeared. After reading up on this I began giving him salt baths several times a day, and upped the size/frequency of my water changes to 30% twice a week. I thought he was showing some improvement, so when I went out of town for three days I did not ask the person feeding him for me to continue the treatments.

Apparently this was a huge mistake- When I came back, his dorsal fin was more than half way gone! Can the fin rot have progressed this fast?! There was never any black on his dorsal fin, and as I was saying before the black on his tail had been receding. Is it possible he got caught in the filter and tore it off? Anyway, I immediately removed him from the tank and into a 1 gal hospital tank with a dosage of salt and daily 100% water changes. After several days the fin was still worsening and whitish stuff appeared on the edges (not clear like new growth) so I switched to the 5 gal and began Jungle Fungus Clear. That was four days ago and today his fin is looking even smaller so I added the second dose. I am very concerned and want to do everything I can to get him well again. I need to know what my next steps should be and would appreciate any advice.

I read in a sticky about combining tetracycline and fungus clear for advanced cases, which this does seem to be. Would I just do a regular dosage of both, or half and half? Is there something else I should try instead? I feel really terrible that he is in this state :( I thought I was doing everything right but apparently I went wrong somewhere. I will do anything I can to help him get well again and stay that way :(

Edit: some additional details I forgot to mention-
His behavior has not at all changed, still has a great appetite. He eats 2 or 3 pellets every day, and bloodworms every few days as a treat. Aside from his fins, the rest of his appearance has not changed. Since medicating, the black on his tail has receded again, but the dorsal fin is still worsening and has that whitish stuff on the edges.
I have not tested water parameters since adding the medication as I read this can throw off the tests.
Temperature in the current, medicated 5 gallon remains around 76 degrees.
I use Prime to condition the water for all changes.
Currently I have no form of Aeration, and no filter in the tank.

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its hard to get help on these particular issues...ive posted several times about advanced fin rot myself, with very little guess is either your guess is as good as theres or they just dont have an answer due to inexperience with the issue its not sure...I feel for you though, I have a rescue who has been through 2 salt treatments, as soon as he finishes his treatment a big chunk of his tail falls off, its a real shame...I dont think he'll ever be normal but I keep trying. Right now hes in a 2.5 gal with baffled filter, plants and IAL leaves...Im doing 80% water changes daily and if it doesnt help im going to try the tetracyline or maracyn 2...Ill probably try the tetracyline first, if that doesnt help by the end of the treatment ill give him another mini break then move to the maracyn 2. Its hard to know what direction to dont want to hurt the fishy but you dont want them to get worse stinks :/ ...good luck just the same, hopefully something will work for us!
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Thank you, it's definitely very frustrating. I want to help him but am so afraid of making it worse. Good luck with yours as well!
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My goldfish doesn't live with any other fish, also maybe the anti stress treatment didn't work and still she was in stress and the stress had caused the fin rot . Now my goldfish is only moves for about two seconds and then sits on the gravel looking so nervous ^~^
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fin damage, fin rot, medicine

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