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Sick Betta - internal something going on

I have a relatively young betta, about 9 months old (he was very small when we got him) and he cannot eat. He seems top heavy, leaning to the side slightly as he swims. He seems desperate to eat, but he appears to not be able to see the food although he's right under it. He leaps at it, may get it in his mouth after several attempts and then spits it out.

This is the same food he's been eating since we've had him and he's always been a great eater. It's almost as if he has something blocking his mouth.

No bulgy eyes, still has good color, etc.

I'm afraid he's starving to death (this has been going on for about four days now).

Any ideas what could be going on?
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I had a Male Betta get some kind of fungus early on, I could see white gunk in his mouth, which has left him blind in one eye & difficulty snagging pellets but he always ends up managing. What I have found works best is to soak the pellets for about 5 or so minutes, I drop it right next to him n his good eye side & he'll snatch it up. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries but he eventually gets it. Do you feed pellets? Have you tried any other foods to see if he has the same problem? When Berry was having the hardest time I did feed him blood worms more than I should because he seemed to have no problem eating those & I wanted to make sure he was at least eating something. Have you crushed up the pellets so they're smaller pieces? All of my Bettas actually scavenge around the tank & will eat from any level of the tank.
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